Monday, June 22, 2009

the week in review: june 15-21

the collage says it all. i'm still tearing apart the casa and making a mess of things. did some grocery shopping, some fridge cleaning and menu planning. went out with the mister for dinner, hit the last ice cream friday of the school year and had lunch with neighbors over the weekend. this week will be more of the same with a trip to the allergist every morning. sigh.


  1. I'm thinking that cleaning, or sorting and re-organizing at your house would be super fun!!! I bet you have the best collection of random little things!!

    Congrats on finishing school too!!

  2. those random little things are soooo hard to part with! alas, the casa is overflowing and i need to purge. too many things equals too much dust and i want my nose to work again. :)