Thursday, June 11, 2009

move over martha...

i'm with mary now...

last week i was hitting up my library for some summer reading when i stumbled upon a trio of books by maryjane butters. being a farmgirl at heart, i found them quite intriguing so i checked them out and brought them home. the stitch book is super pretty but i am not the most patient crafter and you can forget about tatting etc. so i moved onto the inner wild title and oh my...i am a convert! the recipes, the stories, the visuals are all dazzling. i cannot wait to try them out and have once again fell into my dreamland of living in a teardrop, traveling our great country...i guess i need to get rid of more stuff.

that maryjane is a bit of a powerhouse too. there are books and a magazine and even line of organic food which i have yet to try. i myself want to join her "country club". now i really need to get rid of this stuff!

**and just in case you think i'm cpmpletely bamboozled, i am fully aware that this is a business enterprise wrapped up in country cool twine. i get it. i like it, so there.

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  1. I'm with you there. MJ does a bang up job of sucking you into the country chic world.