Monday, June 29, 2009

the week in review: june 22-28

this past week was more whirlwindy than usual. it was jam packed so much that i am beat, i tell ya. i am sooo completely tired. phew! there was housecleaning and people seeing and home cooking and cooking lessons and family adventuring. we hit five museums in two days! if you are a kid in los angeles, you can count yourself lucky with all the cool free (and cheap) things out here to do.

i had four days of allergy shots with needle-poke pics to prove it, visited mr. a-go-go at work with a picnic lunch, built a tent in the garden for some fabulous kidlets to play in, though they chose to build pop-bead people on the bed instead and cooked up some super yummy delicious dinners in the teeny tiny kitchen. this week will be more cleaning, less needle poking and a visit up the coast to see family for the fourth and a birthday something or other for the mama-ago-go. happy almost july!

Friday, June 26, 2009

friday fun

i had my final round of needle-ness at the allergist today. phew! after all the shots were tallied up, i hit LACMA to check out the Your Bright Future show (which is in BCAM) on its first day before all the hanging plastic got trashed. mr. a-go-go is a preparator and his team had to deal with all that plastic from start to finish. some artist thought, hey, wouldn't it be neat to have a room of hanging garlands made from plastic crap? apparently someone did so that person got a lot of money to send someone out to purchase all that plastic crap and then my mister and his team got to build it. that's the art world for ya. full of ideas that artists don't actually do themselves. pretty screwy.crap or not, the garlands make for a pretty site. you can walk through it and take pictures and it has quite a visual impact. if you go into the show, most of it is contempory art crap but there were a few pieces that i really liked like the giant doll housey piece and the room with the video of the artist standing in six different countries. there is a rabbit couch that i desperately wanted to stand on for Bench monday but there's no picture taking in BCAM and i guess the artist wouldn't want me standing on their that's it. i hit LACMA before mr. a-go-go's lunch and took oodles of pics of plastic crap and then we split a sandwich and he took me in to see the Pompei show which is really neat, super neat, actually and then we hit BCAM. the mister had to get back to work so i hung out and took some more pics and trekked back to the i was driving away i spotted this lady's vehicle and pulled right into another spot and hunted them down where we tried tricking the kids into picture taking poses and then added our own take to the public installation in the park. if yer in L.A. you should check it out. it may not last too long and there's plenty of space to keep the kidlets amused.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

what is it about new dos

that make you want to try everything on your closet?
seriously folks, if yer anywhere near West Covina and are looking for an amazing stylist, let me know, i can hook you up!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

you find the oddest things...

when cleaning out your casa. the lovely Tara of the pink couch commented that she thought there must be all sorts of fun things floating about the tiny casa and i suppose she is right...this one is for you my friend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

the week in review: june 15-21

the collage says it all. i'm still tearing apart the casa and making a mess of things. did some grocery shopping, some fridge cleaning and menu planning. went out with the mister for dinner, hit the last ice cream friday of the school year and had lunch with neighbors over the weekend. this week will be more of the same with a trip to the allergist every morning. sigh.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

i should be cleaning

what's for lunch (and dinner)?
but had to stop to enjoy this for lunch. click on the pic for the sort-of recipe. i kinda winged it. it all began with the beets and carrots. had to pull up all them roots from the garden and could not, would not let them go to waste. add some quinoa and some shallots and a pinch of frozen peas and then just keep adding until it feels right. soooo good!

Friday, June 19, 2009

you never know

i was at my local big chain supermarket today to round out the Trader Joe's shop earlier this week. i'm not sure if it is the same at every one of these markets, but my branch tends to be overly helpful. i come from a long background of customer service. it's very important to me. what customer service means to me is to be acknowledged and helpful to the degree that you are needed. some people prefer a nod, others a smile and others a verbal greeting. some people want to get in and get out with no help at all while others need a little point in the right direction. my supermarket staff appears to be on happy pills. one cannot walk through without notice. every single employee that passes gives a greeting and asks if you need help. some start reciting the specials in various departments. sell! sell! sell! it's a bit of an overkill really and i find it quite trying to not throw my arms up and scream. really, it's a delightful change...even when the best intentions are soooo wrong.

in the produce section i am encouraged to try all sorts of sale produce. i don't try it but i do make the produce guy pick out my cantaloup. it's hard to pick a good one when you can't smell a darn thing. in the deli department they wave slices of turkey my way and i can't help but laugh because what if i was someone who found it offensive to have meat dangling within reach? i think about these things that i know people think are easy, every day questions. i wonder about those things that people can't see, the things inside...our experiences, spiritual beliefs, cultural upbringings, etc.

i've always been a bit of an overthinker. i've been misunderstood because of it. i can be odd when i word things and ask questions that some find bizarre. i don't play mind games and don't like them played on me. if i feel like i'm being played, i may ask outright or i may just walk away, it all depends on a number of things. too often we assume things about others when really, we have no clue. even those we know we don't know thoroughly. i don't even know myself one hundred percent, ya know? as i was walking through the market i was thinking of all the interactions that must go on and the assumptions that miss the mark...or not. i thought about the person pushing the bread on someone who may be celiac and how the meat waving may offend a vegetarian. i passed by the fish counter and thought i would get some fish and the young man, ever so eager to help started chat chat chatting away about a number of things. he saw my purse, my lobster purse and immediately tried to sell me some lobster tail (i don't eat lobster). when i told him no thank you, he tried to get me to sample some shrimp, um, no thank you and i smiled and laughed to myself and then he asked me if i was ready for father's day and i had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. he doesn't know. he has no clue that i haven't seen my father since i was three years old. he doesn't know that my dad walked out on my family and stole my sister away to another state. he doesn't know that the man who fathered me never paid a penny towards my or my brother's upbringing and he doesn't know that i'm totally okay with him asking about my father's day. he tells me that ball park franks are on sale and i nod and say "too bad it's not the fourth of july" and i take my fish and thank him. i walk away thinking, poor guy asked me all the wrong things and i chuckle. we don't know anything about those around us. nothing at all.

i get home to find a message on the answering machine. it's my sister. she says that what with father's day around the corner and air fare on the low end, our brother and i should fly on out to meet her so we can go teepee our dad's house. the young man at the fish counter was very sweet and helpful, should i go back and tell him i need a super sized pack of charmin?

**$17 got me all that is in the picture plus an iced coffee and a $2 donation to prostate cancer. not bad at all, not bad...
*quart of mint chip ice cream
*4 ears of white corn, organic
*head of cabbage
*bag of brown rice
*organic tomato
*2 pieces of tilapia
(and a cookie...shhh)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

super trooper

For a quick second back in the dawn of the eighties, I was a Girl Scout. I wasn't your average Girl Scout, nor was our troop. Our leader unfortunately only lasted a few months and the troop disbanded after her breakdown. My favorite part of the Girl Scouts really was my uniform. Growing up, my family had very little money and so I was forced to wear a vintage Girl Scout uniform . It was that wonderful gray green dress with a collar and buttons and so many pleasing details. I was in love with my dress and was equally delighted when in high school, I realized that though I was not a Girl Scout or a tiny eleven year old for that matter, I could still wear the a top...over jeans...and so I did.

I had no clue as to how the Girl Scouts worked and looking back as an adult I feel saddened that I didn't. What a neat organization chock-full of industry, spunk and craftiness, you know, save for the semi-exclusiveness of some of the troops. Though I wasn't an honest to goodness Girl Scout, I never earned a badge, we didn't have any time for it, I dabbled in the troopy arts. In first grade I was a Pixie and in Sixth, a Campfire Girl. I guess I had enough of the idea of the scouts in me that I tucked it all away in my heart and believed I would always be a scout. While my career as a scout of any kind wasn't long or productive, my mother was a troop leader or helper or something when my sister was a young one, and my sister was at the very least a brownie and when we were reunited many years after her disappearance she taught me the best thing she remembered...Magic Marshmallow Puffs.

I have vague memories of my seventeen year old self dipping something into melted butter and cinnamon. I remember there were marshmallows involved and that it was very, very tasty. I remember my sister and I flattening and tossing and laughing and baking all to the merry soundtrack of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It was a great summer and it was the first time my sister and I got to know each other. Years later when I tried to reproduce that tasty treat, I got the order of everything all mixed up and ended up with a marshmallow something that to me was even tastier...hop on over to scrumdilly-do to see what kind of tasty mess I made.

Monday, June 15, 2009

the week in review: june 8-14

most of the week was spent tearing apart the tiny casa. it's still all torn up and a big giant mess or at least as messy as this tiny place can get. we hit the road friday night to visit with the family-go-go and had a most delightful weekend. the only not so delightful bit was the drive home that took us more than five hours. normally it is a three hour trip but because of all those graduates at all those universities we passed, driving took a long, long time. so there ya have it, the week in review...

hi-lights include purging four boxes of goodies to the Goodwill, finding odd old things i didn't know i had, seeing an actual beaver swimming in a pond, partaking of some amazing burgers under a blue sky filled with big puffy clouds, and eating way too much ice cream in honor of mr. a-go-go's birthday. click here for more info on the pics. this week will be less of the same. mostly cleaning and purging and all that jazz. i'm going to the allergist for my first round of pinpricks and needles and cuts and allergins. wish me luck.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

words & pictures: sweet

stick-a-licious 158/365
it's no secret that i have a sweet tooth, just ask my wait, scratch that. anyway, while i do indeed have a hankering for things sweet, i'm a little bit peculiar about it. it's a combination of things really. while i love a good cold coke, i cannot stand pepsi or sprite because i think they are too sweet. rootbeer is sweeter than those two drinks but rootbeer, i's spicy. whipped cream is lovely, but only a teeny bit sweetened. i love classic old school bubblegum but am not a fan of jelly beans unless it is buttered popcorn and my sniffer is working. oh wait, scratch that, black pepper. did you know that there is a black pepper jelly belly out there? it was developed as a flavor for the bertie bots and you can only get it in one of those boxes but then you run the risk of having to sort through sardine, booger and ear wax flavors. the dirt flavor isn't too bad either but don't quote me on that. i use honey in my tea but only a little bit but my coffee calls for oodles of the sweet stuff unless i am drinking it whilst eating something sweet and then i drink it with cream, no sugar.

my favorite candy bar in highschool was a kit kat but now i succumb to those miniature peanut butter eggs from reese's (evil, evil, things). but i am try, try, trying to get into dark chocolate. the flavor really does linger. i think i would like dark chocolate better if the sniffer worked. sigh. so, for now, it's all about baked goods. cookies, breads, cakes, cupcakes and pies though if there were a buffet spread out in front of me with anything i could imagine, i do believe it would be the apple pie that i would pile onto my plate. sure, cucpakes are all over my photo stream but that is because a cupcake is an itty bit more photogenic than a slice of pie. at least, it is a wee bit cuter, what with all the frosting and sprinkles and which i totally remove from my cupcake. i may have a sweet tooth but it a bit peculiar, hand me a cupcake and i'm likely to ooh and aah all over. i'll take pictures and clap but when it comes time to eat it, i scrape the frosting off.

and the pixy stix? i just like the wrapping...i'm peculiar like that.

**this post was enabled by the loverly pip and her words and pictures project. head on over to meet me at mike's for more fun.

move over martha...

i'm with mary now...

last week i was hitting up my library for some summer reading when i stumbled upon a trio of books by maryjane butters. being a farmgirl at heart, i found them quite intriguing so i checked them out and brought them home. the stitch book is super pretty but i am not the most patient crafter and you can forget about tatting etc. so i moved onto the inner wild title and oh my...i am a convert! the recipes, the stories, the visuals are all dazzling. i cannot wait to try them out and have once again fell into my dreamland of living in a teardrop, traveling our great country...i guess i need to get rid of more stuff.

that maryjane is a bit of a powerhouse too. there are books and a magazine and even line of organic food which i have yet to try. i myself want to join her "country club". now i really need to get rid of this stuff!

**and just in case you think i'm cpmpletely bamboozled, i am fully aware that this is a business enterprise wrapped up in country cool twine. i get it. i like it, so there.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Valley of Fire: Day One, setting up camp

so...once we got to the valley of fire, we headed straight for the campground as we were afraid we might have been too late for a spot. not only were we not too late, we scored a walk in spot that was a little further away from the others and surrounded by those crazy red rocks! we set up our camp and even made it look a little pretty...

Monday, June 08, 2009

the week in review: june 1-7

housecleaning, picnicking, garage sailin(selling), thrifting and hanging out.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Valley of Fire: Day One, Part 1

the thing about road tripping with we a-go-gos is we're pokey. we research our route and hang out on yelp looking for places that may strike our fancy. when major map gazing is involved, i drive while the mister navigates as i am not the best at map reading, i get all topsy-turvy and a wee bit carsick as well. the best thing about being pokey and leaving early is that we have plenty of time for me to stop for photo ops. thank the magic camera stars that the mister doesn't mind me hollering stop when i see an abandoned house covered in graffiti. which is exactly what happened in the tiny town of yermo...three houses, all done up. not really the best and most fancy of tagging but still, the houses made me happy and the blue skies made for nice we noodled along, we stopped in vegas to try out a breakfast place that had decent yelp reviews. it was okay, not great but doable. what we did find that we thought cool was a chinatown which for some reason was actually full of vietnamese places and more pho specials than i have ever seen. next time we'll get pho but really, it's vegas and chances of us being there again are super slim. we're not fans, even driving through icked out big time. it was 10am and hot and traffic was stupid and everyone on the road had something to prove or compensate for. no, we're not fans of vegas but i would like to wander about and take pictures someday. because the day was so freaking blinding, i started to get blurry vision. i have a crazy strong prescription and have not gotten any sunglasses filled because it always feels weird to me. we hot a vegas drug store and got me some stylin' granny shades to fit over my cat's eyes. what d'ya think? am i super cool or what? i can't afford vanity when my vision is at stake and besides, how much do i look like granny here?
the drive into the valley was super nifty. there were dark clouds rolling all around us and as we rollercoasted on the up-down, windy road we could see crinkly-crooked jabs of lightening far, far ahead and below. super cool. we figured that even though the sky would be cloudy, at least we could spend one day without super hot heat.
i've never been to the valley of fire but i've seen pictures of it (thank you flickr!) and even when you know it is going to be brilliant and red it is still startling to turn a corner of grey and beige to see that crazy mountain of scarlet. oh wow! we paid our park fee and drove on in. destination campsite...

Monday, June 01, 2009

the week in review: may 25-31

wow! the last week of may was both jam packed with adventure, and tickled with lazy days. monday was spent noodling around this great city we call los angeles in search of the best bike for me while we wrapped up the week with an out of state campout in a riot colored landscape straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon. more on the camp-out later this week for now check out the week in review!