Wednesday, May 06, 2009

picture this

because it really is all about me! well, at least for this moment, in my head it is. see, i'm graduating next week. graduating. grad-u-ate-een! holy crap, i'm graduating! not to get all sloppy, sobby but this is something i never ever in my wildest dreams thought i would do. i never dreamed i could actually go to college, the college of my choice even and then, to finish, to actually finish and have a degree i can walk with, that i can use, that i can apply to most anything? i am feeling overwhelmed, humbled and ecstatic...if that is even possible. (and at this very moment, as i type this, i am weepy city and all snurfled up) i'll not ruin the moment with the whole, i still have no idea what to do with my life bit.

instead, i will talk about parties. i'm not walking. personal choice. if my mamos was alive and here, i would rollerskate across that stage but with her gone and granny too, i don't feel it is something i could or would want to do. selfishly speaking, i would like a party. a camera party. a party where we all dress up and take pictures. where we caravan to photobooths all around. where i get all camera themed presents and we laugh until we're on the floor all cramped up with the giggles.

a party where there is pie and thai food and samosas and mojitos. where i set up a craft table and make you make me a camera, be it painted, sculpted or out of wood. a party where you, all of my favorite internet peeps are the greatest meet-up ever! a party to end all parties full of fun, laughter and picture upon picture upon picture taken. wouldn't that be dreamy?

if only that could happen. who knows? maybe for my fortieth birthday, if i plan now we could pull it off. this isn't a plea for anyone to throw me a party so hush you, this is my dream and my make believe for the day. and if it behooves you to think about this, please, climb into a photobooth sometime next friday and take a picture for me. and please, oh please, don't forget to post it!


  1. love the idea!

    congrats Jek! very exciting

  2. congrats, m'dear! i hope your dreamy photo party comes true...

    my husband is graduating the week after you, although he has banished the idea of a party as well.

  3. I didn't know you were so close to being finished with school! This news made my day, Congrats Jek, all that hard work is paying off.

  4. that sounds like a most fantastical party! Congrats on the graduation!