Friday, April 03, 2009

words & pictures: the long drive

mister a-go-go & i have a thing for road trips. we like exploring our surroundings and are hoping to execute THE GREAT ROAD TRIP within the next two years. originally, we were to head out for places unknown directly after my graduation which is this May. however, it seems that i need to get my mouth and face fixed which requires a bit of cash and many hours under the knife and a hospital stay and orthodontia...for two years. it's probably a good thing though what with the economy being the way it is right now and the mister still employed and all. we should take advantage of all those medical benefits and such and i think i'm finally tired of the clicking, popping pain in my jaw and face. the idea of having everything change scares me to pieces but the idea of being pain free has its allure. while we wait, we plan. we have a large map of the states up on the wall with pins marking all the places we want and need to see. some are for parks, some for cities and others for people i would like to see and meet. wouldn't it be super cool to meet? the GREAT ROAD TRIP is our trip of all trips. it's a trip to explore and figure out where we wish to land. we're hoping we can make it last for three or more months, that's why we call it the GREAT ROAD TRIP, it's going to be a very long, the GREAT ROAD TRIP. we're planning to pack up this tiny, jammed pack casa of all it's vintage goodness and junk and hitting the road. the witch-baby will go live with family, we will sell and donate a great portion of the vintage goodness and junk and yes, even bits of my well curated fabric stash. we will pack up as much as we can fit into a tiny u-haul and storage unit and the rest will be portioned out however it may be. we will have a set of handy maps and a long list of places we wish to visit. we will camp, we will sleep in the car and we will crash on your sofa or floor or in your back yard. we will cook on the car engine and wear the same pair of jeans until we find an all night laundromat to pull into to wash our back pack full of clothes and work a sudoku puzzle or two. we will share the driving and use our cruise control and stretch out our mileage by driving all pokey-like. we will fill ourselves up with cheese and crackers and fruit picked from where we can pick it. we will take picture after picture after picture. we will visit as many state parks as we can. we will use up more than one bottle of sun-screen and our hats will be much appreciated. we will load up on podcasts of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and This American Life and we will listen to Patsy Cline, The Magnetic Fields, The Ventures and Cab Calloway. We will make sock critters and play our ukes and we will go to bed early to wake up with the sun.

We will head one way and end up in another direction. We will argue over who ate the last slice of cheese. We will laugh, we will have fun, we will get cranky with each other.

We will have the time of our lives.

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  1. Your Great Road Trip sounds awesome! :D I'm seriously jealous. On Oahu, you can get around the island in 2 hours, which can't even be considered a baby road trip. *sigh*

  2. you'd have to fly to Maui and road trip yourself to Hana or go through Makawao to the redwood forest up on Haleakula...

  3. Is memphis on your agenda? Come see me!

  4. Don't forget to come by our house!

  5. Come see us! Though 2 years from now I am not sure where we will be.

  6. TMJ?
    I had jaw surgery - twice. I had the first while in high school. I hadn't finished growing and had another surgery in college. I had my mouth wired shut both times. Lots of milkshakes!

    The road trip sounds like loads of fun. My husband did that after graduating college. His trip was also three months.

    You are welcome to stop here.

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM

    i feel totally inspired! my hubby and i celebrated our first anniversary by driving across the country, we stopped in all the diners, tipped alot of truck stop waitresses, stayed in wigwams, vintage trailers at the shady dell, went to the grand canyon, and saw many beautiful and quirky things. i am sort of hoping it will be a tradition!

  8. You two can crash here in Nashville anytime!!! <3

  9. We're not even that far away!!! Swing on down to San Diego on your way out of CA--you are more than welcome here. To meet Jek and Mr. a-go-go? Total dream.