Monday, April 06, 2009

the week in review: mar 30-apr 5

it was an upside down sort of week. i had great plans but then felt stuck in a big blob of amber. it was a pretty, dreamy stick but kept me from completing much of what should have been completed. there was school and coffee fun and cookie baking and the making of the bed. i jumped, more than once, got others to jump and partook of the magic that is scoops, two days in a row. the mister is slowly forgiving me for that. ice cream? without him? i am in sooo much trouble!

the garden is in beautiful bloom, the witch-baby is driving me batty with her pleas to go outside, the casa is as always a mess but this mess seems prettier than others hence the amber stick.

the weekend was full of plans without my guy except of course for our double feature of john boorman flicks brought to us by the prefix EX. there was jumping fun on ice cream friday. we have to go back to that wall and i need to hang out on ice cream friday more often! i took the roomie to marukai where her eyes spun out of control and we stayed out all day. and on sunday, i hit downtown l.a. with some nifty classmates to research a presentation we have to put together on the story of Manzanar. how lucky for us to find a wonderful exhibit at the museum and tents upon tents upon colorful goodie-filled tents set up for the cherry blossom festival.

on my way back to union station, i stopped to take pics of a giant and nifty sculpture where i was then stopped by a large security guard who informed me that a permit was needed to photograph the premises. what is our city coming to? there were no signs posted so i shrugged and said thank-you and moseyed on back to the train station where the heat got to me and the mister picked me up.

this week will be packed with visits and school work and then the mister and i hit the road for an overnight in carrizo plain to tour the petroglyphs, take pics of the wildflowers and eat s'mores with the goosey girl and family.

happy april!

oh wait! did you know that there is a flickr group for the week in review? i'm not the only one who is nutty enough to do this. here are a few more, check it out and join us!

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