Monday, April 27, 2009

the week in review: april 20-26

this was a most tiring week. a really good but tiring week! school is almost over, i will be graduating in May and i have papers upon papers to complete. i also have a major case of senioritis. i keep thinking that since i have been thinking of my papers non-stop that they are already written but really, they are not. eeps! i need to collect all my notes and notebooks and books and stuff and i have once again, come down with some sort of ick. more than a cold but less than the stellar ick za and ander had. knock on wood. i feel like i did at Christmas. maybe i have caught what the bluejay. has. either way, sick sucks especially when you cannot lounge about on the sofa sleeping the ick away. instead i will be immersed in unhappy topics full of oppression and power and overall ignorance. i can't wait till it is over.

last week was full of school with a couple of visits thrown in. the weekend was spent on a mini road trip that covered more than five hundred miles there and back. the mister and i went to Manzanar and spent the night in the tiny town of Lone Pine. after waking up at 5am, we traipsed about the Alabama Hills, drove up to the end of Mt. Whitney Portal, got blasted by wind, and tickled by cold snowy air until we hightailed it down to the funky rock formations along movie road and back on the highway to Red Rock Canyon. just typing that out has made me tired!

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