Wednesday, April 01, 2009


the witch-baby has wedged herself on my lap. she is nestled and purring and up against the keyboard. my left leg is now all tingly asleep and it is difficult to type. she keeps butting her head up against my left hand. but, if i shift, she will jump down and i feel all cozy like.

it's the first of the month. time to do the bed. i had to visit my flickr stream to make sure that what i wanted to do hasn't been overdone. one of my favorite things to do is use the slideshow option coupled with a random tune from my iTunes. not just my slideshows, i like looking at group streams and other things. it's always a kick when the first song that pops up is perfect. the song that popped up for the bed shots was Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens...see? nifty!

so, as i sit here looking at flickr, cuddling with the witch-baby, answering emails and enjoying a morning cup of coffee (which i am now out of), i have the shuffle on, on, on iTunes. it reminds me of a jukebox and i've always wanted a jukebox! a song pops up that i cannot remember the last time i heard it and i know every word. it was a favorite, a big favorite and when i first bought it in the early nineties, it was on cassette. cassette! so when the song pops up, i can immediately remember which tunes come before it and after it and i remember the physical act of getting up to flip the tape over unless i was in the car and then it automatically flipped sides. it was like a woosh of a flashback! i can remember the vintage dresses i wore when this album played. i can still lip-sync along like a wannabe member of the band. i can remember it all and it was odd that it was more than fifteen years ago. i still feel like that twenty year old. i may not be as thin or as vintagely ensconced but i'm still her, you know, without the not-good-for-me boyfriend and the bookstore job that barely paid for all the ramen i ate. really, i am. and it makes me wonder, do we carry inside of us all of the wes we were? i mean, are we really any different from our earlier selves? do we all see our young faces in the mirror when we look and will we always be young at heart?in case you were wondering what the song was it was Hoof by Mary's Danish from the album Circa which came out back in 1991.


  1. Mary's Danish - wow - haven't heard of them in ages! I couldn't remember how I found your blog, but then I saw you write for Mix Tape, too, so that must be it!

  2. god yeah! I reckon we do. But it takes something like that almost physical hit of nostalgia inducement to remind us. Never heard of that band but want to check them out now...

  3. I'm with SeaBird - I used to listen to them in the early nineties as well, a different tape-I can't remember the name.

    Fun! :)