Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring sprang sprung

spring is sprunging away outside the tiny dusty casa. we now wake up to the chirp, chirp, chirping of tiny birds out in the garden. there are house finches, mockingbirds, mourning doves, hummingbirds, linnets and starlings that snap, crackle and pop for the first few hours of sunshine. those starlings make such a funny clamor and then i am over it because they never seem stop! seriously, they snap, crackle and pop.

the early morning sunlight streams in through the teeny tiny kitchen and i feel inspired even if only for a moment. it was bright enough and warmish enough this morning to fix myself up a breakfast smoothie but now of course, as i sit here type, type, typing away, i have pulled my hoodie up over my head and gathered the couch quilt about my shoulders. even the witch-baby is trying her best to sneak into my lap for something warm to lay upon until my fingers, dancing over her head irk her enough to bite then hiss so that she pushes off with a claw to my leg and huffs herself to the dining table where she will stick her pink nose out the cracked open window and watch the hummingbirds zoom by. this is how the mornings flow in the tiny casa until the workmen arrive and the saws begins their work. soon enough, the morning song of the birds will be replaced by the cacophonous orchestra of nail guns, hammers, saws and the cranberries as one of the crew seems to really like them. so for now, i huddle in my quilty cocoon drinking up the coldest of fruity smoothies flickring away, catching up on blogs and planning my escape which just may be an episode or two of Gilmore Girls with the volume turned up or I may camp out in the teeny tiny kitchen and whip up some shortbread or play with the cookbooks until dinner is planned. either that or a visit to school to be good and do schoolwork. it is hard to take care of business when the noise drowns everything out. may your day be filled with song and laughter and may you accomplish more than i. happy tuesday!


  1. I love looking at your feet in those crazy socks. I'm going to ask my girls to jump for me later. I hope you are having a springy day.

  2. hm, nono, it's not for having a pattern. it's interesting to talk to people about their passion, their process, i make stuff too.
    ravelry is not a site, all is already done really, sooooooo userfriendly that a blog looks like science next to it.
    do join and see for yourself.
    man! jeff was in a crafts newsletter i get, so if that's not something?!