Friday, March 06, 2009


i'm in a funk. it's been a very long, not so fun and kinda boring funk. it's the kind where i have to zip it up and let fester or i end up whine, whine, whining about everything and anything. it's the kind where any unkind word is not well received, the kind where the unhappiness of others and their funks spins me into tears. there may or may not be valid reasons for this funk. there are actually, quite a few, but i'm not going to go into them. all i can say is, i'm in a funk and i'm ready for it to go away. each time i think it is on its way out, the hammering (or sawing or nail gunning) from next door drives it right back in. it is unpleasant and i don't like it. but i am doing my best to look outward for tiny, happy, colorful things to crack this ickiness. so, here is a wee bit of story that used to have a photo to go along with it but got lost in one of my great flickr purges..

may it bring you out of you funk or may it partner up with mine so that we can have a party when the time the tiny casa there are many drawers that the mister had set up for things to be stored. each drawer has an actuall assortment meant to be nestled inside. if you remember the scissors post, you may remember that i am not exactly the most organized person and getting things back to where they belong is just not my strong suit. one of these drawers is for glue. it rests atop the drawer set aside for tape. you may wonder why we don't combine them and have a single drawer for adhesives. in their defense, the drawers are small and i, well...i have alot of adhesives. currently, i have been dabbling in projects (and thinking of dabbling in projects) that are best friends with mod podge. normally, the mod podge (matte if you really want to know) is often being removed from the glue drawer and brought into the kitchen or dining nook or living room floor, it all depends on where i have eeked out some room to play. the play, may or may not happen and if the mod podge does not find its way back into the drawer it may go missing in this tiny messy casa and i may feel a need to go out and get more. the problem with that is that while it seems to be inexpensive, it isn't really. i tend to buy the larger size which sits around $8 or so buckaroos...eight buckaroos can get me milk, butter, eggs and bread which i can then turn into a all sorts of yumminess. the other problem is that we all know it is quite impossible to cruise into a craft store for mod podge and not come out of with $73 of i-don't-know-what that you just HAD to have. so, for the sake of being honest. the going out and purchasing of mod podge can be quite dangerous to your handcrafted pocketbook.

to keep me from purchasing more mod podge, i am currently keeping it on the kitchen sink. i tell the mister that it is there so i won't lose it and that it also looks quite pretty next to my 7-up soap dispenser (the one i have had since my very first apartment from almost two decades ago). he gives a grrr and an eye roll and tells me that if i put it back in the glue drawer i wouldn't lose it. for me to put it back into the glue drawer would require moving the ironing board out of the way which would shift the many piles of crafty, um, stuff and then i would have to make sure to hold Billy's foot and body in place while i opened the drawer so that he wouldn't shift and fall much later on freaking out both the mister and the cat. Billy, if you are wondering is a vintage life-guard dummy about the size of a four year old. he sits atop the tiny chest that houses the adhesives (and a bottom drawer of dolls and junk). upon his head is piled an assortment of hats and paper crowns. he wears a harley davidson t-shirt with a leather fringed jacket and a pair of saddle shoes. i have never known him to wear pants and keep meaning to buy him some at the thrift but always manage to decide that another vintage pillowcase set is much more important than his pants. poor Billy. i even drove around with Billy in the back seat of the car for a good year there when i had brought him to the photobooth but then parked too far to feel like carrying him home. he sat in the backseat all buckled in and sometimes i forgot he was there until i caught his face in the rear view mirror whilst driving home all alone in the late, late hours causing me to scream, heart hammering and such. more than once i would come out of the supermarket finding a circle of people around the car with cell phones out calling child services. very angry people. while i appreciate them doing their duty and looking out for the little ones, i was always amazed because Billy does not look real if you really. really look. but this is a story of mod podge and i'm not even sure why. i guess it is because of the picture up there. it makes me happy, it makes me smile and with the hammering up that has started, quite literally about four feet from my head, i need little things to make me smile.

i think it's time to head out and run away from the noise. maybe i'll go to school and work on some papers. maybe i'll take a walk somewhere and take pictures of yellow things or maybe i'll hit the thrift store and finally get Billy a pair of pants. whatever i do, i'm going to take the funk with me and if i'm lucky maybe it will find a new home with a squirrel or something.


  1. You are a sweetie and I say whatever it takes to make you feel better do it!

  2. Poor little squirrel, hopefully your funk can find it's way to a cockroach that can then be smooshed & the funk can be gone from the world forever. (I really despise roaches, they just creep me out.) Hang in there, they have to finish eventually, maybe get some noise canceling headphones & some good music. Happy silly stuff. Like Lily Allen's Alfie or Regina Spektor's Music Box. A couple that happen to cheer me up.

  3. Dude, that was me last week. Hope you get some good alone time. A funk is best left in its dormant state with no one bothering the funky troll living inside. :) People just come along and do such annoying things and the little funky troll comes out and that is nothing but t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
    Hope its over soon! :)

  4. You are an inspiration even when you are in a funk! For that, I am tagging you with the Kreativ Blogger award. I love to visit your blog, take in a story, sip some tea and eat a scone or two...
    thank you! Your award awaits you at

  5. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I just found your website through your friend, LuLu website. I am adding you to my google reader, so I won't miss another entry.

    I hope you find a cure for your funk soon. I've been feeling the same way, and have found some solace in using my camera more often. I don't know why, but it seems to work for me..right now.

  6. It seems to me that even though you are in a funk today, it won't last long. You add colour to the world just what lk says.



  7. thank you everyone! the funk, she still stays but i know it will pass. ugh.

  8. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I am also resisting the $73 mod podge. The $84 YES glue put be over the edge.


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