Monday, February 09, 2009

the week in review: february 2-8

last week was chock full of stuff. school, projects, school and more projects. phew! i had a great class session this weekend as well where the main focus of the class is to photograph your community. for the purpose of the class, we are photographing the community around our school and we did sooo much walking. it was great noodling around old town pasadena and checking out the historic bungalow homes and neighborhoods. i took a zillion pictures and hten narrowed it down to half a zillion and now have to narrow it down even further for the art journal i need to make for class.

this week is more of the same with papers to be written, books to bread and in honor of Valentine's Day, a friend and i are heading out to donate blood tomorrow. can't wait! happy february, folks!

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