Thursday, February 19, 2009

of lace, of sleep, of meds and dreams that last too long

oh allergy meds, how i love your magic on the evil scent stealers in my nose. really, i adore being able to smell the tea i am drinking, the wet earth in the garden, the freesias in bloom. if only you didn't sweep me away as i sleep making an early morning reentry into the real world so darn difficult. if only my return each morning could be as easy as whipping up a batch of dreamy shortbread. i woke up late this morning. crazy late. the kind of late people dream of. not too late, not late enough to feel like i slept the good day away, but late enough so that i am reminded of the hours wasted in sleep. i am certain the idea of those hours being wasted can be argued. after all, the sheets were freshly laundered and my skin was freshly bathed. the sheer sensation of all that goodness combined with the crisp not to cold air and the lunacy of my dreams made for some delightful adventuring. they still linger in the back of my mind but don't ask me to tell you because the words won't be there.all those hours spent in dreamland will keep me from fixating on this machine. today i have class and work and reading so i will refrain from running away on the internet. for today at least. today i will brew up some orange dulce tea, mix up a batch of cookies and share with you how pretty it can be to soak lace on your windowsill in a variety of happy, pretty, teas. this week, i am a guest designer on The Art is Found. the prompt was lace, so for a good ten days, the tiny casa was confetti'd with bits and scraps and pieces and lengths of pretty vintage lace. read all about it here. happy thursday. may it be a crafty one!

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  1. oh how I understand you. I started up with allergies a few days back too, but now around here they're cleaning the woods and since then my nose has gone numb from blowing so much. I hate when I can't smell either my coffee or my hot tea...those are the best rituals :-)