Thursday, February 12, 2009

i lurve winning!

last week i entered two contests. both had prizes that i completely and utterly coveted. while i might not have won the Bake It Pretty giveaway from The Crafty Crow (darn!), i did score two ticks to a show i have been itching to see for many, many years. yes folks, mr. a-go-go and i got free ticks to see the one and only Lucha Vavoom (thank you Franklin Ave.! if you have followed me around this blogland world, you may know that the mister and i are super keen on burlesque and all things campy kitschy. we're still mourning the move of the miss exotic world pageant from the ever so dandy land of helendale to the chaotic world of vegas.the show was last night, in honor of Valentine's Day and while i thought i wanted to go for the burlesque, it was the wrestling that hooked me in...maybe it was the crazy chickens. yes, it was definitely the crazy chickens. can you imagine if there was a lobster as well? aack, a-go-go heaven! anyway, mr. a-go-go and i got clipboard, guest list, special entrance awarded. once in we were guided to a tiny table selling tequila shots for a whole buck less than all the other bars of which there were plenty. we scoped out the small space for us non-wristbanded ringside sitters and hightailed it upstairs to the balcony for a birds eye view of the ring. after we got our 'spensive drinks, he a beer and me a shirley temple, we sat back to enjoy the pre-show of nifty mexican pop music and wordless vintage Lucha Libre flix. excellent. throw in a go-go dancer or two or maybe some boots for me and i could be happy for quite a while. the show was crazy, insane. loud, campy and full of flips and gasp inducing choreographed moves. i loved it! drama, intrigue, pasties and a pogo stick.Dirty Sanchez was up to his usual (very) dirty tricks while Chilango saved the day in his fiery red shorty shorts.
Chupacabra was up to no good, kidnapping Bonita Labelle before the pasty reveal.
those crazy chickens are most definitely loco though i think the most loco was Lil' Chicken who did a most fantastic swan dive off the upstairs balcony to the drunken elite below. crazy! so crazy, they won!while them chickens are a hoot to watch, you get whiplash trying to keep up, the final match of the night was enthralling. the belt wearing Cassandro got dog-piled and whipped by Hector in a blaze of flips, kicks and tricks. the show was awesome, the commentary by Blane Capath and Tom Keeny was almost more amusing than the show.a swell time was had. from one Franklin Ave soul to another, thank you again Franklin Ave. blog!


  1. ah, man - this was totally on our list of things to do and we missed it! looks like fun!

  2. You guys looked so happy :-)