Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we walk!

okay, not always but today was a big walking day. when stacey and i were trying to figure out what to do in order to visit, eat, and take care of errands, i thought why not do it all on foot? so that's what we did. the weather being as nifty as it has been, why not?

we walked from the tiny casa to a new italian deli in the hood. along the way we met mr. david, a children's musician who gifted me with a nifty cd that i still need to listen to. the deli was nice and not crowded unlike some of the other, more hip places in the hood so we got to sample the olive oil cake till we were almost stuffed silly. sooo good! sitting at a teeny tiny bistro table, we chowed down on olive oil cake, a fruity focaccia and frothy, foamy lattes. seriously yummy goodies. seriously yummy!

next up, we grabbed the granny cart all full of empty bags and walked, walked, walked through a neighborhood we never walked through before. up a hill, across a street, around a corner we walked, walked, walked until we reached the trader joe's. once inside we finagled our way around all the other carts and folks and bemoaned the moment of realization that the very full, very heavy bags would in fact NOT fit into the granny cart. trooping it up we ducked into the mayfair market for some water and ahem, another granny cart. we then granny walked ourselves past the highschool where parts of Grease were shot, along a pointy black gate with one rusted point, up a very, very steep incline, across a nifty old bridge and then down, down, down, a wee bit of a steep hill. we walked and we walked and we walked past the library, past Danzig's famous house, past a banana tree (or two) until we turned the corner and arrived back at the tiny casa. we then piled bag upon bag upon bag into the back of stacey's car, smooched goodbye and greeted the remainder of the day.

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  1. Oh, you make miss LA. (and that isn't just freezing new England two sick kidlets talking)