Saturday, January 03, 2009

a scrumdilly-beverage

The day turned deceptive on me. Sneaky, sneaky, deceptive. I woke up surprisingly not cold to a pretty blue sky outside. When mr. a-go-go asked me what the temperature was like I was pleased to find it not too cold if not a tad bit on the drafty side. It was so pretty (as long as I shielded my eyes from the overflowing garbage cans filled with construction debris and garbage) that I even opened the shade on the front door to let that happy sunlight in. But it didn’t last. In fact, I’m not sure when it happened. One moment I was bustling about cutting into happy fabrics, making yummy tofu and grilled onion sandwiches, stitching away on the machine and chatting with the witch-baby and the next moment I was cold and it was darkish in the tiny casa. Drats!Admittedly I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to coolish temps. I blame it on a series of sad, bad, thoughtless junior high episodes. Since it was cold and I had happy music on I developed a craving for some comfort in a mug. I was already pretty tea-d out and I wasn’t sure I wanted hot chocolate because I can’t make simple hot chocolate, oh no, I have to get all fancy like with the spicy bits and chocolate and milk stirred up on the stove. Besides the sink was full of dishes from lunch and I wanted something quick.Inspiration came from my new holiday mug. I love it, even though it is not much like me. It is simple and comfy and needed something just as simple and comfy inside so I filled it with milk, added a double dash of ground ginger. a teaspoon of powdered sugar and a sprinkle or three of cinnamon. Swirl it around with a spoon for a moment and pop it into the microwave for three minutes. Oh wait, that’s not exactly true, I first filled a pyrex measuring cup with all the goodness and popped that into the microwave. Once the timer dinged it’s long ding, I whisked up the milk with my trusty mini whisk and poured it all into my new mug. Pretty.

I still wanted a little something but had already overdosed on homemade oatmeal cookies. A-ha! I have a lovely batch of ginger spice granola that I made just before I almost sliced my finger off. It’s pretty stuff, that granola. So pretty I poured a bit out onto the towel next to my hot ginger steamer and snapped a zillion pictures of it and then, then I scooped it all up and plopped it into the mug as well. I have never made anything like this before and boy, howdy was that hot mug of spicy goodness good! The steamer was warm and spicy and the hot granola at the end made for a scrumdillyumptious snack. I think I have found a new favorite breakfast, and snack and beverage.If yer not a big fan of the milky-milk, try it with soy or cut the milk with water. I think I will add some fresh ginger to the next round. Is it too soon for another?


  1. this is a great post with great pictures and I'm looking forward to trying out one of these little steamers. thank you for sharing such a delight!!!

  2. oooh i didn't know you did polaroids - lovely photographs!!

    happy blogging and happy living :)