Saturday, January 31, 2009


liquid skywhen mr. a-go-go & i were in death valley, we happened across a smattering of sand duney dreaminess. it was just before sunset and the temperatures was almost perfect. i donned a dreamy four dollar skirt and jump up and down and all over town from one sand dune to the next. the mister took picture after picture after picture of me almost according to my direction. this one here, this one is one of my favorites. one of many yes, but isn't this just dreamy?

happy almost february! stay tuned for a lot of pink and love and hugs and sweets. there may even be a give away or two but only if i can get them wrapped up and in an envelope before i even shout it out. i want to be able to mail everything in a timely manner...ahem.

Friday, January 30, 2009

looking for a home

your apples may love you forever...too happyapples speak for themselvesintricate in pinkin the shop...

i like mixtape and mixtape likes me!

The Lovely ladies behind Mixtape Zine have a fun blog where they feature itty bitty mini interviews with all sorts of crafty gals, including me! Head on over and take a looksie and maybe even order yourself a copy of the newest issue. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i miss our garden

with the dark and the construction and a whole slew of other stuff there hasn't been time for garden goods. soon it will be time to plant for spring. bring on the lettuce, the beans, the carrots, the cucumbers...oh i can't wait! for now, lookie these pretty pics of pretty gardenfare that the mister & i saw at a farm stand on the side of the road. it was all honor system and if we needed any veggies at the time we would have bought some.honorableroot veggiescabbagesquashthe true colors of nature are so, so, so pretty!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh but a dream

a few weeks ago, the mister and i headed up to San Luis Obispo to visit with the rest of the family a-go-go. there was a birthday party to attend to and then there was food, debate, laughter and walking. after a wee hike up near an almost empty creek, we ventured out to a place called Old Edna for a bite to eat.Old Edna isn't simply a place or a shop. it is a tiny postage stamp of a town. the building in which the deli and antique store nestle is an old old edna dotted here and there around the old timer is a smattering of tiny cottage shacks with wide open doors that beckon you to enter.fine dining vintage tablecloths tacked up against old dusty windows dance in the breeze as the planks of the old wood floors groan under your feet.wouldn't it be great...filtered sun each shack has a wee dining set for you to enjoy along with a view of the township.a perfect placebicycles lean against white picket fences and there is a large red hen that scratch, scratch, scratches the dusty ground and a gypsy wagon that hides behind a quaint B&B.gypsy dreamswe sat on the deck and enjoyed our sandwiches before i noticed the shacks all about. the open air and breeze were delightful for lunch but for tea...i would want to sit here and wile away until the sun set. Old Edna, i think i like you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

the week in review: january 19-25

the mister and i spent the weekend in Death Valley. oh what an adventure! i'm not sure how other people travel but we generally go without a concrete plan, just an end of day destination. we left early friday and drove, drove, drove for hours upon hours. when the scenery outside the car is so striking, we drive in silence. it is just too pretty for interruptions. along the way i will holler out a "stop" so i can take a picture of this or that or maybe i cannot because there is no way i can capture the beauty of what i see.

this trip was a low budget trip of a sort. we spent two nights in a pair of desert hotels and of course money on gas to get going. we brought all of our food and only ate out once on the way home. not much more was spent. a hat was purchased to replace the mister's so very worn one. apple juice was picked up to cut the bitter tang of the pure cranberry juice we brought as well as a bottle of dr. pepper to celebrate our desert arrival. i stole away two quarters from the car change tin for a smashed penny that got so smashed you can't even see the image on it. and then there was the beef jerky. our biggest splurge was on a pouch of "real good" beef jerky. it may have cost just shy of ten bucks for a small pouch but they weren't lying. that jerky was real good! it was crack jerky! other than a can of coke to kill the headache i had going on day two, that was all we spent. i hope you like this wee montage of our adventures i nthe desert. click here if ya care to read a smidge more about the pics.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i want to write

but my head is too full. there is song and poetry and dance all waltzing up a storm in my head. there is thought and process and studious school smarts squeezing the waltz out the door. there are visions of red and pink and felt and string and happy, lovely, ideas for love day crafting. too much in my head, too much.

there is much all around me that needs to be seen, to be visited and coaxed into compliance and order. the dust bunnies are mutanizing, the fabric stacks are towering up, i can almost climb them to the goose that lays golden eggs. the laundry hamper has been almost empty for too long and i fear the chaos, the kitchsy, delightful, collectible chaos, is going to carry me away.

one thing at a time, just one thing. visit with the clutter, the chaos and the cacophony. dance, whirl, sing and create when i can. clothes are packed for our trip to the desert. the floor has been swept so i don't feel too guilty. homemade granola is cooling on the counter and a list has been made of red and pink and felt and string and happy, lovely, ideas for love day crafting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mr. a-go-go on The Art is Found

a-go-go made mobileAre you familiar with The Art is Found? It is a pretty nifty site run by a pretty nifty gal and some pretty nifty artist ladies. Every other week or so, they list an idea or prompt for a project and then feature a guest designer along with what they all made. It is quite fun and inspiring. This week's prompt is mobiles and since he is a master mobile maker I urged him to share a story. Check it out here!

Monday, January 19, 2009

the week in review: january 12-19

it's a holiday edition! there was much visiting going on this week as well as a mini road trip to san luis obispo for some birthday fun for the boy a-go-go. we played with balloons, ate yummy sandwiches and did a lot of mini hikes. it was also hat day so of course there was some hat making to be done. you can read a wee bit more about the pics here. happy day everyone! have a great week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

happy hat adventures

in honor of national hat day, my gal SoMany & I got together for some hat making fun. check it:

doesn't that food look yummy? we ate at a vegan chinese place where they grow their own produce...sooo good! i cannot remember the name though, drats!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we walk!

okay, not always but today was a big walking day. when stacey and i were trying to figure out what to do in order to visit, eat, and take care of errands, i thought why not do it all on foot? so that's what we did. the weather being as nifty as it has been, why not?

we walked from the tiny casa to a new italian deli in the hood. along the way we met mr. david, a children's musician who gifted me with a nifty cd that i still need to listen to. the deli was nice and not crowded unlike some of the other, more hip places in the hood so we got to sample the olive oil cake till we were almost stuffed silly. sooo good! sitting at a teeny tiny bistro table, we chowed down on olive oil cake, a fruity focaccia and frothy, foamy lattes. seriously yummy goodies. seriously yummy!

next up, we grabbed the granny cart all full of empty bags and walked, walked, walked through a neighborhood we never walked through before. up a hill, across a street, around a corner we walked, walked, walked until we reached the trader joe's. once inside we finagled our way around all the other carts and folks and bemoaned the moment of realization that the very full, very heavy bags would in fact NOT fit into the granny cart. trooping it up we ducked into the mayfair market for some water and ahem, another granny cart. we then granny walked ourselves past the highschool where parts of Grease were shot, along a pointy black gate with one rusted point, up a very, very steep incline, across a nifty old bridge and then down, down, down, a wee bit of a steep hill. we walked and we walked and we walked past the library, past Danzig's famous house, past a banana tree (or two) until we turned the corner and arrived back at the tiny casa. we then piled bag upon bag upon bag into the back of stacey's car, smooched goodbye and greeted the remainder of the day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

too too much to do!

the weather today is super, special delightful. i want to dilly around the tiny casa and make things. i want to throw open the doors and windows and pull out all that is pink and red and create something bee-yoo-tee-ful for Valentine's Day. i would except for the construction which is still rolling around here though today it is a bit half-assed. who knows what is going on but when there are loads of unknown worker-men traipsing about, a girl on her own doesn't feel like blasting Doris Day with all the windows and doors wide open. sigh. i vow to get something, anything, at least one thing made today. gotta create, right? i've already been to school and back and i even ran some errands but i think i will head out a wee bit more. people keep calling and i'm not in phonecall mode just yet and i feel less guilty when i'm out and about. so, here's to nice weather or crafting or time for you. stay tuned for some heart day loveliness!

Monday, January 12, 2009

the week in review: jan 5-11

It was a busy school week so there are ot a lot of pictures, at least, not the pretty-to-look-at kind. I was able to take advantage of being out in public so I took a break from my jeans and t-shirts wearing self. I read three books, talked...a lot, listened like crazy and jumped in the air. I even was accompanied by my class, they jumped! I'm still finishing up two papers for so my being way behind on returning phone calls and such will have to wait. If yer waiting to hear from me, don't forget that I adore and love you and will call when there is breathing room!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

pretty in pink-puff pastry

Near the tiny casa but not in the same 'hood, there is an institution of baked goodness called Porto's. I am embarrassed to admit that I came to know Porto's quite late, just a few years now so I am making up for lost time. There is always a line, a long one but it moves quickly and before you know it, your order of potato balls, meat pies and cheese rolls is gripped tightly in your hands and torn open on the way to your car. They are not exactly vegetarian friendly by way of hot food but oh my goodness, the pastries are delightful. Their most popular is the cheese roll which is only sixty-five cents and I think I would take one of these over a cupcake any day. The problem is they are too good. Addicting is the word. Even mister a-go-go gets a gleam in his eyes when I arrive with a bag of cheese rolls from Porto's. One day, after demolishing two in one go, I realized I could make these. Easy-peasy even. And then I did.
All you need is puff pastry, cream cheese, and powdered sugar. I also add a bit of orange zest and juice, a dash of black pepper and a sprinkle fest of sparkling sugar.
Let the cream cheese soften so that it is easy to whip up with a mixer. Add powdered sugar to taste and if you like a squeeze of fresh citrus. I used blood orange.
You can use any kind of puff pastry. I live in Little Armenia which has plenty of small family owned markets. These little markets carry four inch squares of puff pastry that I adore. I can pull out one or two and make a single serving of something yummy. I love it! Set out your squares of puff pastry, cut your sheet if you need to.
Slather on the cream cheese mixture to your preference. Fold over squares to form triangles. You can of course fold it any way you like but do fold so that you can make a little tart of sorts.
Use a fork to crimp your edges closed and then cut into the fold with a pair of scissors.
Brush on a bit of melted butter or margarine and sprinkle with your topping. Pop it into a 350 oven and bake for about 12-15 minutes, checking to make sure they don't brown too much. Wait until cool before you devour them all. The inside filling will be HOT! Enjoy with a cup of tea and pace yourself. You can't say I didn't warn you!