Monday, December 15, 2008

the week in review: dec 8-14

It was as always, a busy/non-busy sort of week. There was school, where we constructed a story web and then my mind draws a blank. I know there was visiting and playing and a teeny bit of cleaning and tossing. I got my crown put on and then spent the next day and a half still loopy on ativan, man that stuff works! and I only took a teeny amount. Sheesh! The mister and I are both sporting wannabe sore throats and it is a rainy mess outside right now so today will be getting the holidays fully represented here in the casa. I will also finish packaging up my way too late and one on time swap packages along with gifts for the sis and her family. Tomorrow I will hit the post office bright and early and if it isn;t too wet then I get to play with the Bluejay and Baby Bea! Yippee!

Happy December everyone. Stay warm if yer cold and cool if yer warm and do whatever you can to keep a smile on your face. Grumpiness may be all around us out there at this time of year but a smile is more contagious!

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