Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a cup of christmas cheer

I used chopped up left over Halloween candy. Toss it into a mug, add hot milk and stir. Add more chocolate if you think you need more and then drop in a pretty candy cane to stir it up as you drink and to catch all the ooey chocolate on the bottom!

Happy holidays!


  1. love! so resourceful ;)

  2. What is this "leftover Halloween candy" you speak of? Especially chocolate, any leftover candy in our house is things like laffy taffy and now and laters.

    The cocoa looks delicious!

  3. this looks yummy. :D

  4. love this idea.
    we decorated gingerbread (graham cracker) houses with our leftover halloween candy.

    i love the pretty teacup -
    where can i find one?

  5. thank you, everyone!


    believe it or not, the cup came from Starbucks but from early last year. They are no longer selling them, I don't think. darn!