Friday, November 21, 2008

photobooth friday: feeling the lurve

How fabulously wonderful was it that I found myself in a photobooth with Photobooth Friday's creator and many times around most fabulous lady, Andrea of Hula Seventy? And mind you, it wasn't just any booth, it was THE booth at the Ace Hotel. And I got to be in it...with Hula!You lovely folks keep asking me about Portland and I promise you, you will read more about Portland than you can probably care to but I want to start first with this most momentous event. I have been crushing on Ms. Hula for years now, simply crushing on her big time. When the mister & I were planning the trip and he was asking me about what I wanted to do it suddenly hit me that we were going to Portland and Hula lives in Portland! I got all stammery and blushy and told him, I have to meet her. HAVE TO! I nervously sent her a message playing it all cool but really I was dorking out ridiculously. Emails were bantered back and forth and plans were made. There would be no question that a booth would be involved.Life has a way of mixing things up. Plans get juggled and jiggled and disco'ed on but eventually things work out in the end. Our original plan didn't happen. I'm happy to say I am pleased it didn't. If it had worked out we wouldn't have been able to adventure around downtown with the fabulous .Le Silly, but that is a story for another time. What did happen was a most delightful breakfast with most of the Hula family assembled. The mister & I arrived first at our breakfast get-together destination and sure enough I was feeling the jitters of a first date coming on. I needn't had worried. Hula's mister was the first one through the door and with a beam of a smile and a nonchalant wave it was like we had always been old friends. Much chatting and talking and laughing danced around us and of course the cameras made a show. SHhe is as delightful as delightful can be. A woman I adore who's smile, energy and talents swirl all around her. She's quite nice as well, just in case you were wondering.I was swoonier than swoony over the beauty that is Hula's polaroid. I soaked up as much Hula knowledge as I could and have of course been converted.

Once we realized time was getting the best of us, we mini caravaned downtown for our boothing excursion. The misters patiently (oh so patiently) waited in cars as we spilled ourselves into the magic booth. and of course, we both drew a blank. What to do? What to do? Nerves I tell ya, nerves got the best of me and I felt much like Cindy Brady in that episode where she gets to go on tv and ends up mesmerized by the red light. Dork! If only we had more time. We stretched it out as long as we could and I am admittedly jealous of Hula's frames. Mine are great but hers are delightfully great.After a bit more hamming it up for the camera and giggles and fits over our girly antics, we squeezed each other to oblivion and the visit was suddenly over. We'll be back though. We will and I'm hoping I can entice them all to a California visit sometime next year. We've got booths too, ya know! Happy Photobooth Friday!


  1. two of my favorite people in one tiny place.
    love the photos.

  2. I love your blog! An award is waiting for you to receive on mine.

  3. That booth is the best isn't it?
    I was this close to meeting up with Hula when I was up in P-town last but the stars did not align. I am hoping next time I will be as lucky.
    These are great and from the looks of your photos seems like you a-go-gos had a fantabulous time on your vaca.

  4. and she was just as lucky to meet you!

    looks like a very fun time indeed.

  5. I miss the photo booth! We had a great one we frequented in Brooklyn, but now that I live in Southern California, they are much harder to find.. and not all photobooths are created equal.. as I'm sure I don't have to tell you!

  6. oh! miss jek! you are too kind, you are too kind! talk about feeling the lurve. you are spectacularly delightful, dear friend. as much so in real life as you are here in the wacky internet world. but I knew that's the way it would be with you. I knew it! and you are pure magic in the photobooth (again, I knew this would be the case and was delighted to have it confirmed). yes, you are magic and how great was it to get in that booth with you? so great. one of the highlights of my year. such an honor to meet you, such a joy. can't wait to spend more time together! don't you worry... we'll be down in your neck of the woods in no time!