Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The tooth is fine, it's my sinuses...

Well, if it isn't one thing then it's another. Good thing I can keep a smile on my face most of the time. The problem with all the pain and loopiness is that I am even more scattered than usual, if that is even possible. Pair that with my tendency to talk to myself (and the cat and birds and spiders) and I think people keep a wide berth of me.

This morning I schlepped my angst-filled self to the dentist prepared to hear I have another infection or something and as she was polishing up my temporary filling I hear a "plink" and felt something fly from my mouth! The horror! It didn't hurt but how crazy is that? Turns out the temp filling cracked and caused my bite to get even more wonky than usual which kept the ligament from healing. Oh joy! I would like to take this moment once again to thank my fear Mamos and absent father for their lovely dental DNA. Really, thank you.

After the dentist I peeked into an old favorite thrift that has gotten too big for its britches. I ended up scoring a delightfully ugly polyester pantsuit with floral flared trousers. I am in lurve with it, I am! I hope it fits. If it doesn't then the fabric will become a skirt or something. It doesn't fray so it's easy for a non-sewer like me to play with. After that I snuck off to our local Cuban bakery for meat pies, potato balls, cheese rolls and a fantastic iced latte. The whole time my face was screaming at me to drug itself up as my sinuses were HURTING! The food I picked up is for dinner. I thought how I was supposed to visit with a friend and that if I was feeling better I would grab more cheese rolls and bring them along for the visit. So if yer reading this Roomie quit yelling at the computer screen, I'll supply you with cheese rolls next week. Promise!
When I got home I realized I needed to add another scrumdilly-do project to the blog so set about writing it out. At the same time I needed to prep rice for dinner tonight so I chopped an onion up for browning and then I saw the italian pepper the mister picked from the garden and thought I would try it as he told me they were supposed to be sweet and mild. I sliced it up a bit and put a tiny piece in my mouth and suddenly did the mambo all around the house as it was NOT sweet at all but very, very, HOT . My lips are STILL numb. I didn't want to waste it so I added some chopped bits to the rice. Hope it works out.So, while I'm chopping and cooking and cleaning and manning phone calls to set up doctor appointments and finagle antibiotics out of my regular doc for the sinuses, I am preparing paint and paper for scrumdilly-do ghosts. I'm also sweeping the floor and remembering I need to take a 365 and oh drats, I forgot to water the garden. I put the camera down and step out the kitchen door and immediately spy a yellow crab spider hanging out in a vivid pink hollyhock. Back into the house I go to retrieve the camera but I stop first to add peas to the rice then the phone rings and I chat for a moment with a friend who is trying to find the magical thrift shop. We soothe and pet my poor ragged sinuses and I realized the pain is back to red alert so I down another set of orange pills crossing my fingers I have been drinking enough water to keep my liver and kidneys happy. I skip over to the computer to read some blogs and remember I forgot about the spider. As I pass through the kitchen I notice I can do the next step for the ghostie project so I take care of that then the mail arrives and I am distracted yet again. I finally make it out to the spider but realize I need the tripod so back into the house I go pausing to pet the witch-baby who looks extra sweet all stretched out on her quilt on the bed.Mr. A-go-go has attached the tripod to the desk using a POWERFUL magnet and it takes me a minute to free it from the desk. I manage to get my arse back out to the garden to take pics but by this time the sun has moved and the shadows have set in. I do what I can then decide my 365 needs to be done with the spider and I am certain that if any neighbors are watching they will believe I am certifiable. I get ready to go back inside but remember I need to water the garden and as I'm watering I see more peppers and stop to take pictures of them as well.I'm not sure how I got here type, type, typing away this ramble of a post but I am proud to say I have not gotten up once to attend to anything else. Instead I type about this day and the wee moments of my crazy life and I feel grateful that I am able to have an outlet to remind me that life is good even when it doesn't feel that way. The scrumdilly-do post is done, all the pics from today have been sorted to the computer and I'm thinking I can take a break on the sofa and worship me a bit of candy corn and do some school reading before the mister comes home.

Tomorrow it begins all over again but I do hope I get more cleaning done. We haven't seen the kitchen table in a few months and it is getting too cold to eat outside. Uh-oh, Concrete Blonde just came up on the iPod, it's dancing time! See ya later!


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    how can you be so cute and adorable even when you are sick!?!? i am home sick and look like ASS. your glasses are to die for. even ebtter than the green ones i covet wholeheartedly! your face is beautiful. your red lips are darling. your top is stripey awesome. your spider is jsut lovely and your peoppery are shiny good. so,even when your life is hard it is still beautiful!

  2. hullo ms.. anonymous!

    it's called meds. i have take so much ibupro-blah blah blah that i was blissfully unaware of the discomfort most of the time, that and the happy glasses ooh and the lipstick, a dash of red lipstick will make any girl look happy for a moment, ya know until it smears and ends up on your face and teeth. hope you feel better, guess who's know feeling a bit more sickish? aaack!

  3. You gorgeous thing, you've worn me out, and I'm just reading it!
    Hope you're feeling mucho healthier right now.
    And a big thumbs up for using the word "arse"! Doing the Aussies proud!


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