Friday, October 17, 2008

Sinuses be damned, I want cupcakes!

Just yesterday I read on Cupcakes Take the Cake that my favorite bakeshop was shutting down for the rest of the year. I had plans for coffee with the sherpa gal so we switched it up a wee bit.

We hit a favorite thrift store in the San Fernando Valley, then hit Leda's Bakeshop for samples galore, a nice chat with the nifty cupcake makers and probably more sweets than a gal with a sinus infection needs but hey, I'm playing the sick card and well, Leda's makes the best ginger scones ever!I'm not sure you would ever really want to go thrift shopping with me. I talk...a lot. I talk to you, I talk to myself, I offer fashion advice (unsolicited of course) to anyone around me. I drop stuff when I see something extra spiffy and I oooh and aahhh out loud. Sometimes I even clap and/or jump up and down. I've been known to try things on right there, in the middle of the aisle. One of my requirements for thrift shopping is to wear nifty shoes because sometimes you can't try stuff on so you have to hold up to your chest and then look down to see if it looks happy with your shoes. That is of course how I ended up with the wacky housedress. I also run a commentary on things that won't fit me and I make up outfits on the spot.

"Oooh, wear this with aqua colored tights and yellow shoes and put your hair in a pony tail!"

I also pick up vintage bits that I have NO need for but hold onto them because they are vintage and you know, only two dollars. I put the nifty fruity train curtains back but kept the gold accented chicken.. Don't even try to figure me out. I know I just wrote how we are trying to purge but it was a chicken. Do you even know how I feel about chickens? We did have a scary moment when we thought a wallet had been lost or stolen but it was just hiding and we were able to escape the thrift store (my total was just under $21.00!)Walking into Leda's is quite heavenly. It is a teeny-tiny shop and there are always oodles of samples and they offer a fantastic assortment of yummy vegan sweets. I even picked up a vegan brownie and STILL have some left. I got half a dozen of the itty bitty cupcakes and cradled them on my lap all the way home and then put them in the fridge to recover from the heat. It has been super duper HOT lately.At some point I remembered I had the cupcakes. How could I have forgotten? It was picture time and the light is changing and there are clouds and since I don't have a fancy camera or lightbox set up I made due with what I had and proceeded to take almost 100 photos. I know! Get a life, right? Anyway, the cupcakes are really pretty and still in the fridge waiting for Mr. a-go-go to return from work. Can you believe it? I share! That was my day, it was delightful even with this awful, evil migraine mimic-er. Dinner is done (rosemary, white bean & tomato stew), aspirin has been consumed and I'm (finally) watching The Core! I better hurry before the mister gets home!

Have a most stupendous weekend and please help me plan our road trip!


  1. I really look forward to seeing what Leda's cooks up next! Sad I won't be able to order b'day cupcakes from them next month though!

    Oh and you forgot to mention your knack for finding NUDIE PHOTOS at the thrift shop!! HA!!

  2. lol I miss going thrift shopping with you! I'm never as successful at it as I am when I'm with you. Something about being in a thrift store with you brings out the creative shopper in me. Hmmm - I should go shopping with you again sometime soon, it may be my only chance to find cute preggo clothes for me to wear! :D btw - speaking of cute preggo clothes. I've gotten several comments on how much people adore the green shirt you made for me when I was preggo with Elliot! They love the birdies, even though one is now missing a wing. le sigh!

  3. Enjoyed this entry.
    Very fun and sort of magical.
    Much of color in this post too.

    Feel better soon you two (or, is it just you?)

  4. I will go thrift shopping with you. I live in the west San Fernando Valley, so am more familiar with the stores down my end, rather than the Sherman Oaks ones. Let me know if you want a thrifting date some Saturday :-)

  5. heehee...jenny, you can order from Leda's! They are still doing catering. Whee!

    bunny...i have some maternity jeans for you....i got them for you last time but never sent them. :)

    boomboom, thank you. we had fun thrifting, didn't we?

    hashi-hullo there! that sounds like fun! maybe some Saturday I will be free! Yay!

  6. Cupcakes...yum. And I totally think you would be a great thrift partner!