Friday, October 10, 2008

naturally loopy

I'm no longer loopy via meds though I am still hopped up on mild painkillers. The darn tooth that needed work showed me no signs of needing work. It waited to reveal itself through an x-ray. Traitor! I have TMJ and all sorts of fun problems and that wonky wonky tooth was in the very back of my itty bitty mouth so the endo guy who needled me up with Novocain had to practically climb inside to get the job done. Now of course I am bruised and sore and puffy faced and sore and did I mention that my jaw and tooth and nose all hurt? Sheesh! What a pain. I've been living off of pudding, smoothies and ice cream sandwiches. Poor me. So, even if I'm not on the crazy drugs, I'm still loopy enough that I can't seem to pay attention to getting anything done and there is a whole lot that needs to get done so I am apologizing now as my brain hurts and my tooth is throbbing and I need to take a quick couch nap before I dazzle a soon-to-be birthday girl with a day trip of pastries (that I don't think I can eat) and thrift shopping. I'll clean the bathroom later. Here's some eye-candy for you. There's a contest going on over at scrumdilly-do for kidlets 9m-10y. Check it out!

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