Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I adore spiders!

Isn't she magnificent? She/he is still hanging out in the hollyhock. So cool and pretty and nifty! The mister is sick with a cold and now of course I feel a wee one creeping up the back of my throat. Shoot! Eeegads, go away cold! So I'm drinking tea and orange juice and smoothies and more tea and a bit of coffee and soon some Vernor's ginger-ale which is the best bit of sugary goodness, especially when the nose is working, just don't inhale while taking a sip!

I've got half of the kitchen table cleaned off, the bathtub cleaned and the laundry is hanging on the line. The mister is snoring away (softly) on the sofa behind me and the witch-baby is having a hissy fit at the neighbor's cat which thinks his home is here as well. Just another day in the a-go-go household I need to get back to cleaning and sewing and resting and that glass of Vernor's!


  1. I usually hate spiders (I have an admitedly irrational phobia of them). I can appreciate and admire them in their own space...they are fascinating creatures... but once they intrude on my space (ie: indoors or near me)...they're in trouble! But I must admit that one in your photo is rather pretty. We don't have pretty ones like that in New York though.

    May I reccomend peppermint tea for your impending icky feeling? I find it's very comforting.

  2. wow that spider is BEAUTIFUL!! I dont like them in the house but I love watching them make their web (outside)! My boyfriend is a gem and "saves" them and lets them outside!

  3. kira-
    when they spring up on me in the casa i do believe i jump and yelp. :)

    just this morning, the mister rescued a spider from the bathtub. it dig almost crawl on him and he yelped!