Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dizzy with busy

This weekend was spent crafting away and getting ready for Felt Club! We're heading out to Portland ten days before the event and will be back the day before so I have to have everything ready by next Tuesday! Yikes! What was I thinking? There are oodles of people I would love to meet in Portland but am an awkward dork who doesn't want to intrude...if you're a Portland person who is interested in a meet up of sorts please let me know! We'll be there from Monday, November 10 to Thursday the 13 and then we're driving back down to L.A. so if yer along the way gimme a shout out as well. Anyone?

Did I tell you we hung out in the park on Friday and watched some nifty folk rehearse for Thrill the World? We didn't make it to the Hollywood performance but we did get to watch them practice and I think I know half the dance now as well. Here's to next year's event!

Time to get back to crafting, cleaning and perhaps some lunch.

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