Friday, September 19, 2008

worker bee, busy bee, study bee

my head is full to the brim with all I have to accomplish and start and do and finish rather than play ostrich I'm gonna dandy myself up, swipe on some lipstick, gather my bundles of notes and papers and books and head to school to work on THE PAPER. See, on Monday, I looked my professor in the eye and told she would have it no later than the end of next week. I have committed...I should be committed. So I'm off to school for four hours where I must, must, must write something substantial. I have many many pages to fill. Then I will hit the market for what we need and some dried beans and rice or something else to put into the candy corn bean bags I'm making for the shop. When driving, one should combine all errands possible as long as they are on the same route so as to conserve gas and keep the car driving to a minimum.

I'm still working in starts and stops on teething bees, dilly bags, matryohska sachets, cozie cozies and other prettiness. The tiny casa is covered in fabric scraps and bits of thread and the scissors drawer has once again emptied itself.

Happy Friday! Here's what teething bee wings look like in stages.

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  1. you are a busy bee! cant wait to see everything finished, good luck with the assignment:)