Monday, September 15, 2008

The Week in Review: September 8-14

It was an odd sort of week with lots of busy-ness, a moment of visiting, a few shenanigans with some crafting, cooking and anxiety sprinkled on top. dilly market bags were added to the shop and three were sold. Whoo-hoo! Halloween wips have been started, a swap wip was finished, flea marketing happened and a new batch of doilies have been washed. Movies were watched, floors were slept, naps were taken and migraines sneaked in. It wasn't a bad week at all, I just hope this weeks feels less anxious to me. I'm not a fan of anxious. A cold is creeping in and I need to do some mad voodoo to get it to go away. Here's to normal life, craftiness and colorful doilies tossed here and there!

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  1. have i told you lately how much you brighten up my day?