Monday, September 22, 2008

the week in review: september 15-21

Last week could be defined as a typical week in my life. It was full of busy-ness, visiting and dark bad brain moments. Like a roller coaster ride I was up, down and all over the place. Ultimately is was all good. Monday...not so good but I schlepped myself to school to be responsible.

Sometimes I set my expectations for myself up way too high. I used to berate and belittle myself when I didn't succeed, now I bake cupcakes, take a nap or watch Gilmore Girls. It's no biggie. A bad day is bad for the day, the next time I wake up it will be better. Thankfully with all the visits and fun thrown in this week there is no more bad brain but there are new eye glasses and piles and piles of works in progress all over the tiny casa. THE PAPER will be finished this week and I can then focus on cleaning and purging and cooking and baking and the making and crafting of all sorts of fun stuff!

Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. the wonderbread photo is, well, wonderful.