Monday, September 08, 2008

The Week in Review: September 1-7

I am a person who prefers to plan out the what of my weeks or day. That doesn't mean I'm not spontaneous but it does mean that if I encounter something that throws me from my path for the day, the rest of the week generally gets tossed overboard. Last week, I had planned on going to school everyday to work on THE PAPER but I ended up with too much visiting and the dilly doily bags. Oh my goodness! The dilly bags! I love them so much and have a bunch ready for the shop but I am finding it hard to part with them they are so very pretty. So, once I can shake this grogginess from my eyes, clear my head and breathe a bit better (darn congestion) I will venture out to the wee garden to take pictures of the bags I have ready. After that I will post them to the shop but I will update here first. Then, it is off to school for class. The fall semester has officially started. I owe phone calls to many folk who are probably throwing darts at my picture because I won't be calling this week. I have THAT PAPER to work on and much to do and all of this is very important to me. You are too, once this paper is done, I will be somewhat better. At least, I will make plans to see you. I'm not promising any phone calls. I hate the phone! So here ya go, a collage of pics from last week that is mostly dilly bags with some good eats and a tad bit of hiking thrown in. Happy September!


  1. I have my first class of the fall semester tomorrow as well, so here's to good luck for both of us :)

  2. To be happy and useful. Love it!