Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's the little things

Why oh why is it that I get my best post ideas when I'm in the car or it is three in the morning and I am too tired to actually wake up to type? I feel a need to write more but to write more upbeat and happy than how I feel most of the time. I can't even muster up the energy to stomp on over to pepper lemonade for a rant or two. How irksome!

School has been taking up a monumental amount of space in my brain, but that is a good thing. The other small parts are still consumed with anger and sadness that comes and goes with some or no warning. Sometimes, there are tiny, wee pockets of colorful flashes of creative ideas and I write those down wherever I am so in the margins of my notes on Vygotsky or Dewey you will find a list that reads:

*halloween bags
*patchwork worms
*produce bags
*repurposed art swirls for the 'do
*bake more shortbread
*onion jam

followed by a doodle or two of a star monster or belly warmer. Then, when I get a moment to actually create something I look at the piles of fabric and simply fold and arrange or I sit down with an unread magazine or I think about how I really and surely must finish that darn BIG paper! Aaack! I must do that first, I must. It has been due FOREVER! Seriously, next week while I battle jury duty, I will work on paper while at home and if I have to go in I will bring my embroidery. Do they allow tiny sewing needles into a criminal courthouse?So, while I sit and ponder all I have to do and I think about my sad thoughts I sometimes feel like I'm being pulled under and I wish so that I could crawl under the bed to hide. Then I look up for a moment and I spot a small mound of fabric scraps in yellows and pinks and oranges and I smile. I see my newest etsy acquisition and I giggle or suddenly my nose works and I can smell the cinnamon baking in the oatmeal bars I plan to bring to a friend and I take a deep breath and thank the sock monkeys that there are all these little things around me to make me smile.

Monday was spent with a dear friend and her babe as we prepped and put together a bunting and a half for the wee one's upcoming first birthday. I finished the second one yesterday and I think it makes a lovely addition to the tiny bedroom and quite possibly I may need to keep it! Or maybe I should make up a few more and toss them into my sad and neglected shop. What do you think? Do you think these could be happy in your home?


  1. You should sell them! They are too pretty and will add so much to a space. :)

  2. Your buntings would be very happy in my home :)


  3. your adorable, i met a girl who reminded me of you recently. She talked like you and it made me miss you even though I have only been around you in person a few times. I hope I can come out for Felt Club!

  4. The buntings are adorable. Can produce bags be next? How come every time i work at home I end up goofing off and checking in on your colorful casa?

  5. jury duty... agh! I know you can't knit... but a needle I think will pass through security !

  6. Boy, the fabric in the first picture looks awefully familiar! I still haven't taken down Bea's bunting from her birthday party in August. It really pulls the room together. I'm working on a new one in Christmas fabric so maybe THEN I can tuck the happy sunshine bunting away for a bit.

  7. well this post IS from two years ago and all and gee, i wonder who owns them pretty garlands? i need to make more too!