Monday, July 07, 2008

the week in review: june 30-july 6

Oh wow but it was a zinger of a week. It was non-stop goings ons. There was the long long drive to the beach with the kidlets. A lot of sand and sassy gulls. I taught an art session on Andy Warhol and we made some "Pop Art". I had school and my presentation to do and a lot of reading for class to finish up. The tomatoes in the garden are finally, finally ready to chomp on and the mister & I lunched on them all weekend. For the fourth we hit a BBQ at a friend's and swam ourselves silly. I also stole away with an entire hat full of tiny tart green plums. The weekend was kicked off with a birthday adventure for the mama a-go-go. We all took the subway and then the shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl for some Looney Tune fun. And...finally, yesterday was a slow, hot ans semi-icky day of cleaning, crafting and school work. Phew!

This week will be a little more or less of the same. I have a research paper due tomorrow..TOMORROW! Eeps and today I am having a less than thrilling and yet sort of exciting but not really adventure in radiology. A much needed test/exam is happening and I am antsy and nervous and fearful and ready to finally get it done. Wish me luck and if any of you have had an HSG, send me some good vibage, okee doke? Happy July!

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  1. Oh shoot - we missed the Looney Tune show?? I forgot to look up when it was playing. Sure it was a blast!