Tuesday, July 22, 2008


On the surface, I pretend that everything is peachy keen but really it isn't. It won't be. It will be better at some point I assume but it will never be peachy keen. But I try...I plaster a smile onto my face and I move forward because really, what else can you do? Here is a little something I did that produced a genuine smile if only for a moment.

I like to package things, gifts and such in other styles of packages. For he most recent lucky parcel swap, the theme was candy. I picked up a pack of pixy stix because how could I resist those happy stripes. I emptied out.ate the candy and then refilled the tubes with seed beads. I tied three stix together and tagged them up. Pretty nifty, don't ya think?not for eatingbundledthree


  1. YOU'RE a delicious pixie, you are, you are...

    we're home, and miss you. can one or all of us come see you? or do you want to come over?


  2. thank christ for lollies! what a great idea :)

  3. Oh, even better than the real pixie stix! No sticky mess! What a fun package.