Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At least there is a new keyboard...

I'm on the mend, somewhat. Not quite ready to break out the stripey socks but I will be soon. I started a new summer gig and didn't get home until 5am. I'm still sick but on the mend and so looking forward to a girlie day at the movies tomorrow. I hope my stomach can take caffeine. I would love a latte.

While I was thinking my brain is in a better place, I learn that Grandma is going to be delivered on Thursday. How surreal is that? But then, she'll be here, in the casa with her daughter and from there we can only move forward, right?

This sick and sadness has tumbled me all around. I feel like the past few weeks have moved in slow motion and yet each day so much happened in a long, agonizing, drawn out kind of way. I want to be healthy again. I hate being sick. Especially in the heat. I hate the fuzzy brain thing I get after I am sick. I hate not knowing where to begin again. I feel so behind. I have my research paper to finish and it would be nice to take pictures again. the casa is a whirlwind of mess and I owe many people phone calls. Out of the loop girl, that is me. Oh, and I'm hungry but not quite willing to put anything back into my stomach...except pudding...chocolate pudding.

I got two hours of sleep, not good for a recovering ick girl. I htink I will nap a bit more. Finish with some important pictures and then go to the post office before I head out to another late night shift.

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  1. Your fans are sending love your way.