Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesdays Are Busy Days

The cup of the day was a vintage mug with anji green tea and some green tea soy milk. So good!
My first submission for "on my desk" Wednesday is a bit of cheat as I cleaned it off yesterday. but it does look pretty, doesn't it?
Today's 365 days shot is a tiny peak of me and a gratuitous shot of my ribbon collection. I love all the happy colors and polka-dots. I could stack and re-stack the spools for hours!

Happy Wednesday folks! I hope you have a crazy amounts of color in your life!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article in Artful Blogging today! It drew me in, until I found myself here, adding you to my Google Reader :-)

    I look forward to reading more!

  2. oh thank you! i can't wait to see the article. i'm waiting patiently for my copy!

  3. Hooray for John Waters! (as seen on Twitter today ;-) all the ribbon and the photos of the blue, blue skies. California is lovely this time of year!

  4. Fun photo! I wish I had them for the weaving lesson I'm doing with my Art Club tomorrow.

  5. oh this shot makes me smile, so many lovely ribbons!and yes it is cheating to clean up your desk before you take the photo!