Tuesday, April 22, 2008


peach tree prettyIt is so very quiet and still in the tiny casa. All I can hear is the hum of the computer and the occasional gurgle of our old refrigerator. The clickety-click of the keyboard helps to soothe my wandering mind. There is much to do today. Where do I begin?

I have found lately that the pressures of school and the still dark mornings from the time change leave me a groggy, groggy girl when I awaken. I have the most difficult time stirring from the soft warm covers of the bed. I sleep heavily and deep while crazy dreams and stories unfold in my slumber. Once I drag myself out of bed, after getting dressed, the first thing I do is open the shade in the bedroom. The bright sunshine spills into the room and everything appears to glow. The witch-baby always, always, aways meorrws at this point and jumps from the bed to her quilt on the mister's desk chair. She does that turn, turn, turn thing that cats do as she settles down with her head tucked under her paws and her tail curled around her. She has succumbed to the sunshine and won't come out into the rest of the casa until four o'clock or so, unless she hears a can opening.

I stumble into the living room where I turn the computer on. Next stop is the kitchen where my tiny polka-dotted cup awaits the water spout and I take my morning does of thyroid. I stand at the kitchen window and hunt for birds and butterflies before beginning my morning routine. It used to be my morning "walk" through the internet would end after about an hour or so. At some point I would get breakfast and return to the screen while I surfed blogs, researched recipes, checked out flickr and answered emails. I would then click off the computer and begin my day. Lately my day doesn't actually begin. It's just there and then it ends and I am left wondering what I did. I did something, I am sure of it. Papers have been written, projects have been made, cleaning has been done yet my mind is out of line with my actions. School ends in a few weeks and will begin again soon after. I think I need to return to my list making to checking off items and rejoicing in tasks accomplished. Today I need to make a conscious effort to wake up and move purposefully. I need to get rid of the robot and turn my thinking around.

Today, it is so quiet and still in the tiny casa. Not at all what an Earth Day should sound like. Usually the casa is filled with the sounds of the birds and traffic and the usual city noises. Today it is quiet and still. The mister must have shut the windows last night before I got home from school. Sometimes quiet is good. Today is not for quiet. Today is for the songs of the world around. Today is for the music of our planet. Turn off your computers, your televisions and radios and open your windows. Take a walk today and head out into the world, greet it like you would a close friend. Today is Earth Day after all and there is no better company than the world around us.


  1. "Today is for the music of our planet"
    Love that.

  2. all i can say is, beautiful...

  3. what camera did you use for this photo? i'm shopping for a new one...

  4. canon powershot S3 IS. i use a canon Rebel XS now.