Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clearing up the clutter

Howdy folks! I just wanted to thank you all on your response to my baking and clutter post. I want to assure you that I wasn't over the top stressed about it but matter of factly stating..."I'm a Mess!"

Last night while watching one of those criminal shows, someone said that when your life is in order, your home is in order and I looked around the tiny casa and started cracking up. I don't feel like my life is out of order but the clutter does indeed get to me in a "yikes, where do I start?" kind of way. In other words, I meant the post to come off as being humorous...I hope it at least gave you a giggle, especially to those of you who are in the same boat.

We love the tiny casa and feel very lucky to live here. The tiny-ness of course is not fun but living in Los Angeles is not very nice on your bank account. That coupled with my school which is insanely not nice on our bank account, we will live here until the cows come home. Owning or building a home someday is a dream of ours but at the rate things rise here in Lala-land, it ain't gonna happen here. What do you do when you love where you live but can't afford to live there? Some days it makes us very, very sad. Others, we roll with it. Sometimes we fantasize about running away to New Zealand or the middle of nowhere and other times we take a mini day trip and pretend we are running away. Who knows? Maybe someday we will find the perfect place and it will welcome us with open arms (and a couple of chickens, a pygmy goat and a wrap around porch).

Here's to dreams and wishes! What are your dreams?


  1. Here, here to your words! I know all about living where you love, but not really being able to afford it. We rent a TINY 1-bedroom apartment in the lovely Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. With a kid, to boot. I look around every day, amazed that average people can live here. To your credit, your place is fabulous! And your pictures more than do it justice. . .

  2. I watch Criminal Minds, too. It was an okay episode this week - I liked last's week, it was really sad at the end.

  3. I kinda agree with the "clean house = life in order", at least for me. It isn't always true, but most of the time!

    My dream is to live closer to a bigger city one day. I'd love to take a graphics design course but it's impossible in our small town.

  4. Aw the goat and the wrap-around porch sound lovely! As as a college student, I am just waiting for the day that I can have a place of my own. No roommates, no dorms. Maybe a cat and a nice library job. Money is just one of those things...

  5. I've always dreamed of a goat and peacock roaming my property. I imagine approaching the house through an alee of trees. We'd have fruit and nut trees and a big garden. I really can't complain one bit though bout what I've really got. I love my little house.

  6. I dream of making a new dress every week and having a whole honest to goodness actual room to do it in.

    And I dream of having my own photobooth.

    But life in my messy little house is pretty groovy. If I didn't have it, I'd be dreaming about this life.

  7. I totally know how you feel. Martha's VIneyard is so stupid-expensive that about once a week I say "Baby, start packing! We're moving to one of those Dakotas!" But then I drive by the beach on a blue-sky day and know that I'm not going anywhere soon.
    I do have the goats and chickens though so I don't have much room to complain.

  8. Awww, We have the same problem, I love my home but I cannot afford to live here in NY(long Island)

    My dream is to own a house and have a baby, its so simple yet I cannot reach the goal yet!

  9. Oh yes, like the others I too sympathize!