Monday, March 31, 2008

The Week in review: March 24-30 (and a birthday shout out to my sis!)

the week in review

I spent most of the week at home crafting and reading and working on school projects. I did a wee bit of thrifting in honor of my mamos and squeezed in two lunches. One lunch with a friend who has a thing for fountain pens and the other was a thai food fest with some of my most favorite people. Yay! During the weekend, the husbandman and I went on a mini hike, brought grandma Portos and celebrated the sister a-go-go's birthday with a yummy filled breakfast. I nw have oodles of cleaning and laundry and crafting to finish up not to mention all those school projects I'm slowly but surely eeking out.

Did anybody out there participate in the lights out hour? Our fair city did not, of course not, which is quite disappointing. Mister a-go-go and I turned off all our lights and such and took an hour long walk around the neighborhood which was sadly all lit up. Earlier in the day we were just talking about how we wished the city and businesses would turn their lights off at night. We're so close to Griffith Park and the animals there are getting all screwed up with the lack of true darkness and it would be really swell if we could actually see the stars in the sky. Sigh. We got home all depressed after our conversation and then found out early in the evening that there was a lights out hour for that night. We did it. We actually are pretty good anyway but still, we did it in honor of all those big cities (not ours) who did it. So, if ya get a chance to think about it, turn off your lights one night for an hour and take a walk or play games by candlelight or pop some batteries i nthe boombox and dance by the moonlight. Happy almost April!


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