Monday, March 17, 2008

The Week in Review: March 10-16

Last week was a crazy, mad dash, scramble kind of week! School was busy, home was busy, I was busy. All the trees were in bloom and we ventured out for a viewing. So pretty, are they not? I did a little baking and wrote that paper like I was supposed to. I even eeked out some gocco-ing on Saturday.

This week I had great dreams for tying up loose ends but I woke up at three in the mornin' with a suspiciously sore throat. Methinks I have finally succumbed to the great sick tat has been knocking everyone out in these here parts.

Today, I had a wonderful visit with my witchy friend and just got home all tired and sore throat cranky. It's time for an iced cold coke and a magazine. I need to make a list of the zillions of things I have to do tomorrow, sick or not. Like, mailing out bunnies and finishing up super swaps and gocco-ing early so the room won't be too stinky come bedtime. It looks like tomorrow will be a half day in p.j.'s Whoo-hoo!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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