Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That Incredible Edible Egg

egg puff fun
Gosh but I love this puff pancake thing like there's no tomorrow! I tried halving the recipe one day last week and it came out quite perfect. A really nice and tasty way to stretch one egg. It was delicious. Though, now I have to watch how many of these I eat. I don't want to give eggs a bad rep as I love the things but my doctor tells me that my cholesterol levels were all wonky and such which may be due to all sorts of reasons but I need to go back for some more blood work (Hello, Carolyn!). I also found out that I don't just have a nifty under active thyroid, I have a two faced thyroid that likes to attack itself. today I learned all about Hashimoto's disease. Sounds scary, I know but it's also unfortunately common so I will roll with the punches. Do I feel lucky or what?

I'm still sick though not like the poor husbandman was. My throat is achy and I am extra whiny. All I want to do is drink fizzy things and eat mashed potatoes and just so ya know, I did NOT pick up supplies for the evil sweet treat I wrote about yesterday, phew! Instead I baked an awesome savory muffin with sweet potato and carmelized onions. So good! So very, very, very good! I made 18 of them and there are only two left and while we did share with our neighbor, we did manage to eat a zillion of them and I think I had three today so I will save the other two for the mister. I'm nice that way.

The temperature outside is just warm enough to carry the scent of the orange blossoms and jasmine into the house. It is a lovely and divine kind of smell and I am so glad my nose works. I hope this sick doesn't screw it all up again. I like being able to smell. Even the icky stuff ain't so bad when there are good things to sniff like orange blossoms and cilantro.


  1. Yay! Yet another reason why chickens rock - eggs!

    Hope you feel better soon Jek and all the germs go far away and leave you be.

  2. This probably sounds weird, but I love to smell things. Even bad things. I just like smelling things. Get well soon!!!