Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Super Drats!

picture courtesy of Sew Darn Jenny

How bummed am I that I missed out on the super duper fabulousness that was the CRAFT:06 release party? I was hope, hope, hoping to be able to squeeze it in, alas, granny needed me and the mister was sick and I had birthday pizza to eat up with a birthday gal and friends. Why is it always all the good stuff comes on one day? Anyway, if I had been able to go I would have made fun monsters with all these nifty folks. The Los Angeles party was held at one of my favorite emporiums for nifty gifts and handmade items, handmade Galleries. It looks like everyone had a blast and I am going to do my best to make it to the next release! Maybe I should volunteer, that way I have to be there! Release parties were held in a couple more cool places! check out the flickr pool for pics from them all.

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