Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Blurry

what I have is a lack of focus...this isn't news to me...i only halfway slept. The entire time I did sleep, I dreamt of poorly written papers and angry professors who were downright mean. They aren't really, but in my dreams they were evil! I woke up wanting to cry I felt so poorly but then I brewed some minty tea, popped on over to flickr and suddenly felt inspired to create...anything but my paper!

Note to any classmates or paper is mostly written, by hand, in my notebook. I need to transfer it over to the computer, I know, I do...but what I really want to do is make the birdie plush I have been doodling since August and the nesting dolls for the five things swap (I have a new idea) and then something else that came to me in a rush as the mintiness of the tea woke me up. Why is it that we get our best ideas when we don't have the time to make them? So for now, I leave you with this fun shot of the mister and I jumping off the fountain. I need to simply let go and jump into this darned paper! Here I go!


  1. just think, the sooner you get that paper transfered from note book to computer the sooner you can start your inspiriations...
    (ya ya, easier said then done right?)
    Take care and thanks for the sweet words over on flickr!

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    get that paper done so you can have some fun!! :)