Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blurry Vision

bookmark in progressThis is one of those weeks where I have soooo many deadlines that my brain shuts down and my thoughts get all fuzzy. You know how it goes. You have a three page paper on attachment due but all you want to do is attach yourself to the kitchen and bake cupcakes. Or you have an article to write about making something but all ya wanna make is a nice cozy bed to nap in. Seriously. I have deadlines and papers and exercise and resumes to write and all I want to do is nap, nap, nap. Too much to do so why bother? Don't misunderstand, there's no doom and gloom here right now just bafflement at my utter lack of confidence and discipline. This is something I am always talking about working on and yet I never seem to accomplish it. I will, I know, baby steps. The paper is due tomorrow and while I do have notes and bookmarks and more rereading to do, I do not however have ink in my computer. I also do not have the car today or the time to fetch said ink so I will type it all up and do that magical email thingie and print it up at school. The way I see it, at a gazillion dollars a unit, the least I can do is print all my papers at school. Right?

Sigh. I've got a hiking date today that may or may not still be on. I'll find out in moment I'm sure. No worries though because if the hike doesn't happen that means I really have to get my act together. Etsy orders will be going out for sure. That at least that can get checked of the list. Then I suppose I must muster up some energy or magic or something and write my litle heart out. Or maybe I will sweep the floor and do a little crafting or perhaps a little baking...or napping...

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