Monday, March 31, 2008

The Week in review: March 24-30 (and a birthday shout out to my sis!)

the week in review

I spent most of the week at home crafting and reading and working on school projects. I did a wee bit of thrifting in honor of my mamos and squeezed in two lunches. One lunch with a friend who has a thing for fountain pens and the other was a thai food fest with some of my most favorite people. Yay! During the weekend, the husbandman and I went on a mini hike, brought grandma Portos and celebrated the sister a-go-go's birthday with a yummy filled breakfast. I nw have oodles of cleaning and laundry and crafting to finish up not to mention all those school projects I'm slowly but surely eeking out.

Did anybody out there participate in the lights out hour? Our fair city did not, of course not, which is quite disappointing. Mister a-go-go and I turned off all our lights and such and took an hour long walk around the neighborhood which was sadly all lit up. Earlier in the day we were just talking about how we wished the city and businesses would turn their lights off at night. We're so close to Griffith Park and the animals there are getting all screwed up with the lack of true darkness and it would be really swell if we could actually see the stars in the sky. Sigh. We got home all depressed after our conversation and then found out early in the evening that there was a lights out hour for that night. We did it. We actually are pretty good anyway but still, we did it in honor of all those big cities (not ours) who did it. So, if ya get a chance to think about it, turn off your lights one night for an hour and take a walk or play games by candlelight or pop some batteries i nthe boombox and dance by the moonlight. Happy almost April!


Friday, March 28, 2008

photobooth friday: vroom vroom

a girl and her slinky
This shot is from a strip taken back in 2000...maybe 2001. Oh how I loved that shirt! I had three sleeveless motorcycle t's that I wore daily it seemed. There was this one here and then the same shirt but in red and then another black one with a flaming motorcycle. Yep, flaming...I was so cool. They were made out of some funky blend that felt like tights and they wadded up tiny and oh but I wish I still had at least one of them. It would prolly fit me as some sort of scary belly baring cropped throwback...that wouldn't be too keen but I would still be a rebel in it...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamos

happy birthday mamos: 63/365
I wanted to write a beautiful post about all the ways my mom and I laughed. I wanted to write a letter to her sharing everything I am doing now and how proud of me she would be. I wanted to write about the ache of missing her and how sad I feel that she never got to meet the mister but when I started to write, I started to cry and today I don't want to cry. I want to remember her life with a smile on my face for all that I learned from this remarkable woman.

Oh bother...where did I leave the tissue?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Week in Review: March 17-23

Well folks, it looks like a got a lot done regardless of the sick. What really happened was I had one good day where I did everything fun and colorful only to be paying for it now. Yikes! This cold or flu or virus or whatever it is that everyone out here seems to be coming down with is a chameleon. You go to bed feeling ever so crappified and you don't sleep for all the ickiness and then you drag yourself out of bed feeling even more crappified so you sit and whine and moan and complain. Then, after you have been up for a few hours you feel fine so you start thinking you are well and you start doing things like cleaning, crafting, cooking and visiting. The next thing you know you are wiped out on the sofa wining all over again. It ain't fun or pretty my friends. Today I have discovered an alien living in my chest. Not pretty at all.

This week I will be playing catch up on schoolwork, projects and swaps (of course). I didn't get to visit with granny because of the sick so hopefully I will feel better this week so I can visit. I also missed out on a family Easter breakfast and a evening with some nifty kidlets. I hate being sick! Hate it! All I want to do right now is go back to bed but I just woke up not too long ago and I have school. today. Sigh. I don't know how you parents do it. Your kids get sick then you get sick then they get sick again and there is no one to take care of you. I give you fresh baked cookies and flowers and pretty handmade blankets, I do. Take care of yourselves!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Photobooth Friday: More March Challenge

photobooth friday: BALLOONS!

is it cheating if I took the picture years and years ago? Here I am in 2003 with a bunch of balloons for the mister's birthday strip. i had three balloons that I crammed in the tiny booth along with myself and the frames basically all looked like this...perhaps I pulled one down and then had a staticky head. I can't remember. All I know is that this was for the mister's first birthday with me and we're about to celebrate our fifth...whoo-hoo!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That Incredible Edible Egg

egg puff fun
Gosh but I love this puff pancake thing like there's no tomorrow! I tried halving the recipe one day last week and it came out quite perfect. A really nice and tasty way to stretch one egg. It was delicious. Though, now I have to watch how many of these I eat. I don't want to give eggs a bad rep as I love the things but my doctor tells me that my cholesterol levels were all wonky and such which may be due to all sorts of reasons but I need to go back for some more blood work (Hello, Carolyn!). I also found out that I don't just have a nifty under active thyroid, I have a two faced thyroid that likes to attack itself. today I learned all about Hashimoto's disease. Sounds scary, I know but it's also unfortunately common so I will roll with the punches. Do I feel lucky or what?

I'm still sick though not like the poor husbandman was. My throat is achy and I am extra whiny. All I want to do is drink fizzy things and eat mashed potatoes and just so ya know, I did NOT pick up supplies for the evil sweet treat I wrote about yesterday, phew! Instead I baked an awesome savory muffin with sweet potato and carmelized onions. So good! So very, very, very good! I made 18 of them and there are only two left and while we did share with our neighbor, we did manage to eat a zillion of them and I think I had three today so I will save the other two for the mister. I'm nice that way.

The temperature outside is just warm enough to carry the scent of the orange blossoms and jasmine into the house. It is a lovely and divine kind of smell and I am so glad my nose works. I hope this sick doesn't screw it all up again. I like being able to smell. Even the icky stuff ain't so bad when there are good things to sniff like orange blossoms and cilantro.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Is it wrong that I woke up this morning craving graham crackers with cool whip and m&m's? Not only did I wake up craving my most favorite bad for you snack ever but I craved it in the manner in which I used to snack it...with a viewing of Teletubbies. I do adore me the Teletubbies. The first year at least, back before they crammed all the episodes into their own version of a NuNu only to be regurgitated out over and over again in the same but slightly different episodes.

I miss the theme song and the "Uh-Ohs!" and Dipsy's funky soul brother dance moves. I miss the fighting over the Tutu and Lala's Isadora Duncan tribute. I miss the "run aways" and the slightly H.G. Wells feeling of it all. I once read an excellent paper someone wrote comparing the Teletubbies and their environment to the Morlocks and the Eloi of The Time Machine. So fabulous! I know there are many people who are fearful of the whole Teletubby phenomenon but I just loved the design of the characters and the colors. From a child development point of view, while I don't think watching television under the age of two is a good idea, if a child were to watch, Teletubbies was in fact developmentally appropriate no matter how freakish you think it may be. Of course parents wouldn't like it, it was geared for two year olds! Repetition is your friend when you are two. When yo uare an adult it is a little bit tedious.

It is quite possible you are still thinking "What? Graham crackers with m&ms and Cool Whip?" I know, it sounds like processed food-sugar-overkill and it is. It's also extremely yummy and addicting and the last thing anyone should eat especially when they are couch bound with the evil cold, flu, sick that is circulating. My fingers are twitching. It was an accidental snack based on an event I did for a children's book years and years ago. We needed a snack for the kids and wanted to decorate cookies but realized we did not have the budget to accommodate the more than one hundred kids that generally showed up for my storytime. My partner in crime at the time thought that graham crackers and Cool Whip would be in our price range so we picked up boxes and boxes and sweet cereal and fruit and sprinkles and made it an out and out sugar fest. When it was over, we had some leftovers and I was starving so I topped my cracker with bananas and...ahem...lucky charms and um, m&m's and well, a new addiction was born. It works best if you ice your cracker, sprinkle it with the sweets and then set it aside so that the cracker gets a little soft. Disgusting, I know but really it isn't. Just don't ask the husbandman. He won't even try it, but he is good that way. I generally hit the craving around November and I buy a box of crackers, a tub of the white stuff and a bag of m&ms and eat myself silly until one the packages is empty then I am done. I didn't do it this past November and I'm thinking'll still be my friend, right?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Week in Review: March 10-16

Last week was a crazy, mad dash, scramble kind of week! School was busy, home was busy, I was busy. All the trees were in bloom and we ventured out for a viewing. So pretty, are they not? I did a little baking and wrote that paper like I was supposed to. I even eeked out some gocco-ing on Saturday.

This week I had great dreams for tying up loose ends but I woke up at three in the mornin' with a suspiciously sore throat. Methinks I have finally succumbed to the great sick tat has been knocking everyone out in these here parts.

Today, I had a wonderful visit with my witchy friend and just got home all tired and sore throat cranky. It's time for an iced cold coke and a magazine. I need to make a list of the zillions of things I have to do tomorrow, sick or not. Like, mailing out bunnies and finishing up super swaps and gocco-ing early so the room won't be too stinky come bedtime. It looks like tomorrow will be a half day in p.j.'s Whoo-hoo!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

photobooth friday: faceless in mary-janes

march challenge: my mary janes
For the March challenge I dug though my box o' strips and pulled this one out. It was taken seven or eight years ago and I wish I still had those shoes. I'm known for my fondness of the strappiness that is a mary jane. There was a time when I had more than nine pair I think. Some of them got too worn to worn out, others I threw away in a fit of purging. I wish I still had them. there were stacked plumb mary janes, blue fuzzy leopard print, black & white zebra striped, clownish reds and even a pair of linen pink ballet flats. Sometimes I'd like to think I am evolving into a more rounded person and maybe I am, I just want to be in happy, strappy shoes.

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The paper got written and now gets to be rewritten...phew! I had an excellent class session yesterday. I feel so lucky to be able to take part in such a progressive school chock full of diversity. It's pretty awesome. Too bad the tuition scares me to bits! Not only did the paper get finished but belated birthday presents got wrapped AND shipped and a new gocco/swap/shop design got drawn up and now I need to figure out what I am going to make with it. So excited about it, can't wait! Today I am off for a breakfast visit (oops, I gotta skeedaddle in about ten minutes and let's just say my behead could make you jealous!), a granny visit, and a couple of market visits. I want to be home by lunchtime so that I can clean, craft and cook. I'm thinking of making some savory St. Patrick's Day muffins. The ingredient list has me all drooly already. A Photobooth Friday post will show up sometime later today. Happy Middle of March folks!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Blurry

what I have is a lack of focus...this isn't news to me...i only halfway slept. The entire time I did sleep, I dreamt of poorly written papers and angry professors who were downright mean. They aren't really, but in my dreams they were evil! I woke up wanting to cry I felt so poorly but then I brewed some minty tea, popped on over to flickr and suddenly felt inspired to create...anything but my paper!

Note to any classmates or paper is mostly written, by hand, in my notebook. I need to transfer it over to the computer, I know, I do...but what I really want to do is make the birdie plush I have been doodling since August and the nesting dolls for the five things swap (I have a new idea) and then something else that came to me in a rush as the mintiness of the tea woke me up. Why is it that we get our best ideas when we don't have the time to make them? So for now, I leave you with this fun shot of the mister and I jumping off the fountain. I need to simply let go and jump into this darned paper! Here I go!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blurry Vision

bookmark in progressThis is one of those weeks where I have soooo many deadlines that my brain shuts down and my thoughts get all fuzzy. You know how it goes. You have a three page paper on attachment due but all you want to do is attach yourself to the kitchen and bake cupcakes. Or you have an article to write about making something but all ya wanna make is a nice cozy bed to nap in. Seriously. I have deadlines and papers and exercise and resumes to write and all I want to do is nap, nap, nap. Too much to do so why bother? Don't misunderstand, there's no doom and gloom here right now just bafflement at my utter lack of confidence and discipline. This is something I am always talking about working on and yet I never seem to accomplish it. I will, I know, baby steps. The paper is due tomorrow and while I do have notes and bookmarks and more rereading to do, I do not however have ink in my computer. I also do not have the car today or the time to fetch said ink so I will type it all up and do that magical email thingie and print it up at school. The way I see it, at a gazillion dollars a unit, the least I can do is print all my papers at school. Right?

Sigh. I've got a hiking date today that may or may not still be on. I'll find out in moment I'm sure. No worries though because if the hike doesn't happen that means I really have to get my act together. Etsy orders will be going out for sure. That at least that can get checked of the list. Then I suppose I must muster up some energy or magic or something and write my litle heart out. Or maybe I will sweep the floor and do a little crafting or perhaps a little baking...or napping...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Super Drats!

picture courtesy of Sew Darn Jenny

How bummed am I that I missed out on the super duper fabulousness that was the CRAFT:06 release party? I was hope, hope, hoping to be able to squeeze it in, alas, granny needed me and the mister was sick and I had birthday pizza to eat up with a birthday gal and friends. Why is it always all the good stuff comes on one day? Anyway, if I had been able to go I would have made fun monsters with all these nifty folks. The Los Angeles party was held at one of my favorite emporiums for nifty gifts and handmade items, handmade Galleries. It looks like everyone had a blast and I am going to do my best to make it to the next release! Maybe I should volunteer, that way I have to be there! Release parties were held in a couple more cool places! check out the flickr pool for pics from them all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Week in Review: March 3-9

Last week was so busy it feels like it happened ages ago. Wowza! There was yoga and walking and out-of-breathedness. I got to visit with fun peoples and even squeezed in some baking. This week is a heavy-on-the-schoolwork kind of week and tomorrow I get to get a filling. Oh joy!

Hope y'all have a grand, grand week!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

For myself, for you, for everyone...

lobster bowI love to wrap presents. I love to wrap presents so much so that I wrapped up a pile for myself on my birthday. I know, what? There's just something so delightful in a pretty stack of packages. On the one hand I struggle with the waste involved in gift wrap but on the other hand I think that if I can use materials I have or perhaps bring an extra dose of giddiness to someone's day, it is all okay. Either way, the idea that someone would take a moment to present something no matter how simple to another person, with a touch of care and kindness, change can be had. You can change a person's perspective, you can maybe sway a poor mood and you can maybe allow it to trickle through their actions and words which can carry a simple act even further...

What I mean is, taking a moment to do something kind and beautiful, whether it is for yourself, a friend or a stranger can change the outcome of any moment. So, instead of using the excuse of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, take a moment to do something nice for yourself. Use a pretty glass instead of the first one you touched. Place a sprig of something blooming within your view. Put on some lipstick even though you are in jeans and a t-shirt, hold the door open for someone, smile at another driver, tell your mother, sister, brother, husband or child that you like them (like is sometimes even better than love!). Make change happen, one random act of kindness at a time.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Photobooth Friday: Playing Tourist

photobooth friday: playing touristWednesday was spent traipsing about Hollywood Blvd with a fellow flickr fiend. We played it up and hammed it up complete with cameras, terry visors and a trip to the photobooth. Laughter, guffaws and laying the street happened. It was a perfect day for seeing the sites. Maude bless the photobooth!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

There's Something About Aqua

..or turquoise, baby blue, robyn's egg or whatever you wanna call it, that seems to make every other color out there brighter and more smile inducing. It truly goes with everything!

When I first painted my bedroom this color named South Seas, I imagined there would be an eye popping collection of red and aqua pretties spilling and dancing all over the place. Somehow a little bit of yellow snuck in and then a pinch of pink stayed behind. Suddenly, there was this brilliant purple lantern cozying up to my mother's antique green dress dummy, an enormous rusted dragonfly keeping watch over my bed and a mr. a-go-go who brought along his childhood cookie monster, a black art deco bureau and a collection of striped t-shirts. Somehow, it all works. I lean towards a yellow and brown picnic with tiffany blue skies but don't knock myself when orange polka-dots prevail. There's something about this pretty, punchy, soothing blue that makes my world seem like a fine, fine, place to be. I think I may attempt another summer quilt, this one with hints of green napping with yellow. I will make it myself except of course when my brain is on the verge of exploding, then and only then will I ask them mister to step in and perform his magic. What shade of blue inspires you these days?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Week in review: February 25-March 2

Hey folks! We just celebrated our third year of weddedness, go us! Our tradition is to revisit the sight of our wedding and take a leap off the fountain. Afterwards we head on over to good old Bob's Big Boy for some old fashioned burgers and fries and at some point we stop for a rootbeer float and hopefully a photobooth pic. We made the floats at home but never got to a booth. Oh well, we still had oodles of fun.

This week I have school and more school and a little bit more school and hopefully some crafting and packaging going on. The bunnies should be in the shop today and I still need to take some pics for a scrumdilly-do! post. Have a great week folks, Happy March!