Tuesday, February 12, 2008


meowThe husbandman likes to often tell the "two-thirty joke". It is a lame and ridiculous play on sound which gets a groan from me every time; which I just noticed right now it actually is 2:30! How serendipitous.

The joke goes something along the lines of

"What time is it?"
"I't's time to go to the dentist!"
"Tooth Hurty?"

Get it? Get it? Hahahahaha....

Speaking of which I had a date with the dentist this morning that I was not exactly excited about...I have two more dates too...Lucky me! It went okay you know, except for the bzzzz of the drill and all that cold, cold water dripping down my face. Every time the tiny drill would start it sounded like a bunch of cartoon fleas on a party line in my mouth. Do you remember that old cartoon with the flea on the dog and he sings "Food around the corner...?" We here at the A-go-go household often sing that song. I think I giggled everytime the drill went on.

I had a bite block for the first time and why oh why had that never been introduced before? Sheesh, people. Hello? Have you seen my mouth? You are a dentist after all, could you not tell that my jaw tends to lock when it is open for a while? Did the tears that slip out of my eyes not clue you in? Thank you to Dr. Shaw and Gentle Dental Office. The bite block helped immensely. I still hurt but it was not nearly as agonizing as my other experiences. It didn't hurt that you had ReadyMade in the waiting room for me to read. It didn't hurt that you let me take home a cute, tiny sample of citrus mint chap-stick. I guess it was th least you could do after I wrote away my paypal savings to you and to think you get a kidney next week for the next filling. Lucky you!

Is it a bad thing that I desperately want to bake something sticky sweet?

**the picture has nothing to do with anything but I thought the blue sky was pretty...


  1. "What are those on the front page?" he asks as I read the paper.
    "You mean the tanks?" I say.
    "The what??" he asks.
    "Tanks!" I say.
    "You're welcome!" he says fo the 5 zillionth time...

    And then there's:
    "What are those???"
    "G'bless you!"

  2. I have another time joke for you:
    What time is is when you've had too many beans?
    (too farty...LoL)