Monday, February 25, 2008

The (Birthday) Week in Review: Feb. 18-24

I really need to get some crafty pics up, which means I really need to get some crafting done. The busy-ness of the last few weeks is finally catching up with me. I need a LONG break! For now, I'll dazzle you with this photo collage.

It was an extra special busy kind of week. I made it to yoga twice last week (but not today) and got a whole lotta visiting done. My birthday weekend was just dandy and probably would have been better had I not had a funky reaction to something I ate. I'm still hurting, literally but you don't all need to know about that. I'm behind on returning phone calls, sorry Sis! I'm behind on swap packages, sorry Sash! I'm behind, behind, behind on so many things but I have GOT to finish up a homework assignment I have no clue to do and I have GOT to get some Coco Bunnies in the shop. This week is gonna be a whopper! Wish me luck! Oh and if you wanted one of my Valentine's Day mixes, I need your address, even if you think I have it because who knows where in this tiny, messy casa it is.

Here's my birthday recap in a nutshell:

The day before my birthday I had a playdate with these ever fabulous ladies. We went here and ate here and had oodles of fun. On Saturday, we had a yummy brunch with my good friends here. Then we trekked here for some fun looking about. Afterwards we headed here for supper and then the mister and I looked all over town for a working one of these to no avail. We compromised and took a different photo instead and then on Sunday we hung out with this lady and the mister made me this cupcake and we watched this to the sound of the blimp and the helicopters not three miles away from the real deal. Other than the icky pain, it was a great weekend and now I have homework to do.

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