Monday, February 11, 2008


I like this picture. It makes me smile. the fabric is so happy and the blue ribbon looks as if it is smiling at me. I stamped the tags for an faa swap. It was a scavenger hunt theme and I'm hoping the tags fulfill the "something with wings" criteria.

I didn't make it to yoga this morning. I did something to my left leg and it hurts when I reach out to touch my toes, or kneel, or stoop. Weird. I did however put the ironing board away. I put the ironing board away! This is so exciting to me. We have limited, limited space here in the tiny casa so an ironing board out in the living room made it even more crowded. It's already crowded what with all my fabric piles and book piles and piles of piles...the poor mister, he is most definitely NOT a pile person. I'm trying. I'm trying to wrap things up and develop a calendar of what I need to work on and when so that I can keep it all organized (stop laughing!). It will happen, it needs to. I want to host a Hat Making Tea in March, Who wants to come? I'm thinking Saturday March 15th.

I also managed to overbrew my tea...again. I do this on a regular basis. I pour the hot water in and step away and then completely forget I had tea brewing. I hate wasting it so I drink it but man is this cup bitter. I make a face with each drink. I also have a bad habit of doing this when making rice and baking. Many a pan I have killed because of this. Let's just blame it on the pisces in me. I'm a daydreamer and a whole lot lackadaisical. It's what makes me creative, right?

Most of my swap packages have skipped out merrily. I hope everyone enjoys their goodies. My brain is working overtime with all I want to create but first I need to finish and tie up these loose ends. Almost done...I will miss the swapping. I'll still be swapping, just not on the large scale I was. I need to fine tune it all; make gifts with purpose and intent and limit what I receive. As I have written before, this casa is tiny and I have no more room....

Happy Monday!


  1. I would love to come to your tea party! And maybe my friend MOO. Put us on the list for hat making please!

  2. I think you should set a timer to remind you to go pour your tea. I loose track of time, too. But I think you are on a different level than I am. :)

    I have a package here for your Granny that I put together at Christmas and haven't managed to send. Gotta get that out. A lady needs her rocher candies.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I want to come the tea-party! but I can't afford the $3000 air fare, alas.

    Good thinking about the swaps - it's good to be selective, keep life simple etc.

    Having said that - I hope we might exchange snail mail of some description (even just *gasp* a letter!) some time this year - I would love some tangible proof that Super-Jek really exists. :) Send me your address on flickr .

    x Helen

  4. Solve your rice problem: Bring rice and water to a boil, stir. Take off the stove. Wrap warmly (putting it on your bed and covering with pillows works). Wait one hour. Perfect rice and no chance of burning pot by forgetting.

    And I use a timer for my tea, too, like rachel, cause I hate bitter tea. Also, green tea takes this kind of abuse better than black.

  5. Hello! I happily stumbled across your blog today and want to say a cheery hello and tell you how much I, too, love that fabric and ribbon combo. You must have a birthday coming up if you're a Piesces, eh?

  6. how fun theresa! did I meet moo at felt club?

    rachel, and then i forget to set the timer! eeps! :)

    i love the rice idea, yvonne, thanks!

    helen, if i had the funds i'd fly you out here to play!

    thank you jennifer! happy day!

  7. yes, moo was with me--she makes great bears--my hero! I will have to ask her--we are looking for people to craft with--although life is so crazy at the moment--I can't wait till flu/cold season is over.