Monday, January 14, 2008

The Week in Review: January 7-13

This has been a crazy busy week! There was a bit of crafting, a bit of sewing, a visit with a friend, a visit or two the the YMCA, with work stuff, school stuff and life stuff shuffled in amongst the rest.I am one tired lobster-girl!

We (okay, the husbandman) did some work on the car to make it all healthy like so that it doesn't fail us on our mini road trip coming up. I squeezed in a couple of trips to the YMCA (thank you workout buddy!), a walk around the 'hood, a visit to the library, a long walk around the Rose Bowl and a bit of housework amongst crafting, sewing, working and cooking. I made real meals this week and...I baked last night. Brownies, from a mix but I doctored them up to a level of extra tastiness that even wowed myself!

This week is more school stuff, work stuff, craft stuff and swap stuff! I hope I can manage to take more pictures this week! Happy Week two of 2008!


  1. Tell me about that fab crocheted hat in the center pic.