Monday, January 21, 2008

The Week in Review: January 14-20

Wowee! Was I busy last week! There was crafting and deadlines and visits and fun. I stitched, I cleaned, I hit the Y with my buddy and I got my heart a pumping. I went to two doctors appointments and walked out of one of them (I waited over an hour). I watched my netflix movies and cooked up a huge pot o' yummy soup. Okay, the soup wasn't exactly yummy until the mister did his magic but it is what we ate all week long! We didn't make our trip to Death Valley as the mister was feeling ill for most of the week but we did thieve some dead leaves from the park, have a picnic and ride a carousel. We enjoyed a japanese noodle dinner with a wee birthday boy, had breakfast with a good friend and snacked on dessert from a neighbor. The end of the week was filled with a mini road trip and some garden prep work. Phew! Did I say busy, or what?

This week is school prep, shop prep, baking, cooking and hopefully a little visiting. I just got back from my yoga class and my arms are so, so, so sore! For now, it is time for some garden citrus and some menu planning. Happy Week Three of 2008!


  1. Good for you that you walked out on that Dr.'s appointment! I work in the healthcare world, so I can say from experience that patients need to get up some nerve and stop being jerked around by healthcare professionals. Be your own advocate!

  2. i agree. most people say that waiting is par for the course but i think that if more people make the decision to value their own time, perhaps we would be kept waiting less often!