Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday I strolled down our walkway, out the gate, down the steps to the sidewalk. The car was parked just a smidge to my right and I stepped out into the street and right in front of a coyote. A large coyote. A large coyote that had to cross two very busy streets to get to mine where he or she continued on in a purposeful way towards Hollywood Blvd.

It made me very sad to see this. Who are we to build, build, build such large and ugly homes on top of hills that become compromised so that said ugly homes slide down those hills pushing mud, debris and apparently coyotes out of the way?


  1. That is awful. Singapore's pretty much the same. High rise buildings practically everywhere, we hardly get open breathing spaces and pieces of the sky anymore. I hope the coyote got people thinking by strolling into Hollywood Blvd.

  2. good question.

    this makes me think that the coyote was some sort of omen.

    Have you read this book? http://www.amazon.com/Coyote-Blue-Christopher-Moore/dp/0060735430

    hy-sterical I say, and mixes right into your moment I think :)

  3. I'm still sad about it. L.A. dosn;t have a whole lotta park space and Griffith Park is pretty much it but there are developers who want to build all over it and all the animals will be pushed out. Sad.

    I love Christopher Moore, I believe I have read Coyote Blue but oodles ago...I shall reread it. Thanks!