Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday

I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on what to blog about and then I fall back to sleep only to wake up with my mind blank. Good going, jek. Hey, lookie, I got some new fabric!
fat quarter splurge
This morning I was up before the sunrise, why you may ask? Well my friends, I have taken a step forward and tried out a yoga class. Lucky for me I have a yoga buddy in Jenny and I'm sure she'll say the same thing about this class. It kicked our arses! The instructor is awesome. Even though we were newbies, not only to the class but to yoga, she was super swell, taking a moment here and there to assist us in our versions of downward dog and happy baby. Everyone else moved as one, so hopefully Jenny and I will not be deterred and become pros just like them. I'm mostly banking on my muscle memory. Seven hours later I'm just now starting to feel a superior kind of ache in my stomach, chest, arms, wrists, least my legs feel somewhat normal.

So here's to new years, new plans, new goals and new and improved crafty gals. Now, go hop on over to Junie None Designs to read all about me, me, me. I'm a featured shop gal and it makes me feel all lurved and gooey inside. She's got other fun crafty stuff listed too, so grab yourself a cuppa and take a looksie!


  1. Yes! It totally kicked my arse and my arms, hands, thighs and hips are feeling achy now (but in a good way). I love my yoga buddy!! Whoo!!

  2. melissa@yummygoods7:10 PM

    yay! I am so glad that you enjoyed your first yoga class. I have been practicing for years and I still get sore after class!
    Great fabrics!

  3. I love Katy Jump Rope! Those colors and patterns remind me of fabrics from my childhood (60's and 70's) and well as some of my grandma's apron's made with prints from the 40's.