Monday, January 28, 2008

The Week in Review: Janaury 21-28

I know I thought last week was busy but this week was even busier and with inclement weather. Phew! I was busy all week long and in pretty much a razzled, frazzled state. My brain was fine if not forgetful and yesterday was super productive if not a little bit sucky. The suckiness of the day was relieved by a phone chat with my much loved Bunny. Thanks m'dear! sooo good to hear yer voice! The good parts are all about the mail, the craftiness and the Valentines! Yay! I'm sorry I didn't get back to my sister. I was in THE ZONE of my wee production line and needed to finish. I totally owe you a phone call, Sis, hopefully tomorrow after my dentist appointment. Today is deadline day and school...I'm gonna finish my tea and be off!

Can you believe it is not even 9am and I've already been out of the house for a 90 minute Yoga session? I love my workout buddy. *MWAH!

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